Pom Pom

Pom Pom

Chau and Beethoven, two Hong Kong police detectives, go through misadventures to protect a young girl from a ruthless crime lord, as she possesses a ledger that contains all of the gangster's activities. In the mix is a tough, no-nonsense policewoman, who falls for one of the detectives. Written by Oliver Chu

Chau and Beethoven, two Hong Kong police detectives, go through misadventures to protect a young girl from a ruthless crime lord, as she possesses a ledger that contains all of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Casey B (br) wrote: Incredible(ly funny, biting and real) dialogue, excellent performances and an unexpected twist or two add up to a striking directorial debut. If only it wasn't so very amateur in it's production values, it might have gotten a proper release and been added to the list of indie masterpieces.

Raul V (ag) wrote: Granted, this type of flick has done many, many times before. Some better than this one, some much worse. This one feels like it's coming from an authentic place. Very solid acting by the overall pretty young & somewhat "green" cast. The few veterans in the flick play their roles very well...although somewhat predictable in nature. I dug the setting (1975 -Brooklyn-Irish neighborhood), the cinematography, & even the soundtrack was pretty dope...if u like that kind of music. Definitely NOT FOR EVERYBODY! I think quite a few out there will enjoy the dvd. Netflix or Red Box that shit if you're interested.

Cory A (kr) wrote: It was too long, and the acting was hooooooorrrrrrible. There were some creepy moments, though. It could have been a lot better in the right hands, but it's still worth watching.

Trent G (kr) wrote: Kinda sweet, my 4 yr old liked it. A nice family movie.

Baris Y (ca) wrote: a beautifully shot visual poem. unlike many others, it's a documentary focusing on the people of iraq instead of the holy US army. one of the best documentaries i have ever watched. 3 different segments depict 3 different ideologies/ethnicities that are likely to clash in near future. the audience gets to meet the people in iraq through slice of life stories of ordinary people, which turns them into authentic characters to remember. we see their struggles, face their reality, feel the way they feel and get immensely disturbed at times.

Maria S (jp) wrote: A cute and charming feel-good comedy.

Zafer K (br) wrote: an average movie... something is missing in this movie. there seems lots of gap in the scenario...

Nathan C (jp) wrote: My wife hated it. She thought it was pointless. I thought it was ok but wouldn't recommend it.

Murder C (nl) wrote: A gemologist (Tammy Lauren) releases a evil genie type of demon known as a Djinn from his crystal prison by mistake and now the Djinn is causing all kinds of trouble by for filling wishes by the people he come by. Even if "Wishmaster" is going for a comedy-horror style rather than straight horror/slasher and isn't a great film per se, it has some fun moments. Andrew Divoff seem to have real fun with his role and the movie has some good small roles from horror actor veterans like Kane "Jason" Hodder, Tony "Candyman" Todd and Robert "Freddy" Englund. A fun movie for horror fans.

Glenn L (ca) wrote: The best of the skydiving action movies. Charlie Sheen cracks one-liners while on the run from ex-KGB bad guys, including Tony Soprano, and spends the whole movie trying to get laid. It's just plain fun.

Steve E (fr) wrote: SPOILERS! Superb French film, with two of the best actors the cinema has given us. Very popular and respected in France, but also known internationally, solid story, and very engaging. The last 15 mins are very tense, and the ending very sad. This is clearly not a feel good Hollywood film, it's more along the brutal realism of the inherent injustices of the justice system. A man who is pursued by his criminal past, who upon his release from prison after a 10 year incarceration, finds himself a good job, works hard, and stays clean, rejects propositions of old-time criminal buddies. But an obsessed and arrogant cop follows him everywhere, harasses him, and disturbs his life in every possible way, until the former inmate just cracks under the extreme treatment he is subjected to from the arrogant and persecuting cop. Fate will bring nothing but tragedy for this man, who gives his best shot at coming clean, but destiny deals him real bad cards.

Angela H (jp) wrote: He played this role so well. I've never seen anyone play Dracula like him. Also helped that he was gorgeous as hell.

Erin D (es) wrote: There is only one redeemable part of this film, and that is seeing Lisa Kudrow fly over a limo that hit her.

maddy j (mx) wrote: I want to see this movie SO BAD