The film is set in one day (the title Monday) in the small Silesian town (Świdnica). Manny (pin) drives a delivery van in the warehouse. His boss (Tomasz Stanko) did not pay him the money, because the liquidity due to lending to people who can not repay their debts to him. Manny calls for overdue payments from the employer, but instead of cash gives him a notebook with the names of their debtors. Desperate Manny, seeing no other way to recover the money, he decides to forcibly pull money from debtors. To help recruit David (Paul Kukiz) - his trusted friend from the army. After a short deliberation begins debt collection to your account. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Poniedzialek torrent reviews

Letitia L (us) wrote: Moving story, gripping action but pretty formulaic. Good fun for the family compared to Battle Royale...

Ellen B (de) wrote: It's the best American Pie film

Josh F (ca) wrote: Would suck to have to replace my cynicism with actual knowledge of the real, important things I enjoy belittling so much.

Abby T (ag) wrote: This movie satisfied me with it's dragon action and supsense. If you're a person looming for a good dragon film, this is the best one yet.

Evie S (ca) wrote: porno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heck no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

reva f (nl) wrote: quirky but inventive ... a must see for any B rated sci fi fans who like the post apocalyptic future type movies

Reece L (it) wrote: The central premise involving a half-white/half-American Indian torn between the two halves of his ancestry consistently fails to work due to the fact that the very white Elvis Presley was chosen to embody this paradox. The direction is average, simple pans and shot/reverse-shot norms adhered to throughout, but Presley does well in the lead role, his ethnicity aside. This was made with good intentions, the central narrative revolving around an indictment of racial bigotry, but the tone-deaf casting decisions effectively nullify this commentary (in another groan-worthy misstep, the Native American mother is played by a Mexican actress who attempts an awful accent to embarrassing results). It's passable as a piece of filmmaking, but as a commentary on race relations it fails before it even begins thanks to the aforementioned casting problems.

Greg R (kr) wrote: Oh, ignore critics. This one goes to the audience. Bravo!

Iain B (jp) wrote: Everybody seemed to be going through the motions in this dull hack and slasher, 20 mins binned

Kevin R (nl) wrote: I will always be your wife Verden is an eccentric man. He is a historian that is fascinated by the myths of Egypt and other religious beliefs. He is also grieve stricken after his wife passes away and believes death will not be her final existence. Years after his wife's death Verden falls in love with Lady Rowena. There is no worse time than now for his wife to return, but return she may to strike vengeance on his husband's new love. "I tried to kill a stray cat with a cabbage." Roger Corman, director of Bloody Mama, The Raven, The Terror, The Haunted Palace, The Mask of the Red Death, The Wild Angels, A Time for Killing, and The Trip, delivers The Tomb of Ligeia. The pace of the film is a bit slow and not as compelling as other Price films. The storyline for this picture is excellent and the script and characters are portrayed perfectly by the cast. The cast includes Vincent Price, Elizabeth Shepherd, and Frank Thornton. "Never come here unannounced." This is another film I DVR'd during the Turner Classic Movie (TCM) Halloween marathon as I love these Vincent Price gems. This is not amongst my favorite old school Price movies, but it was entertaining. The story and conclusion is unpredictable and the acting hits the mark. Overall, this is a must see movie if you are a fan of old school horrors or Vincent Price. "Have that animal destroyed." Grade: C+

Paul R (br) wrote: While the redemption plot may be trite, it is the high pressure world of culinary excess that gives it an interesting and engaging twist. The kitchen itself becomes a major character in the film and shapes the characters. Bradley cooper is very convincing as someone who has spent their adult life in a gourmet kitchen.

Matt G (au) wrote: The greatest film ever made!