Ponn Muttyidunna Tharavu

Ponn Muttyidunna Tharavu

Sreensan is a goldsmith who is in love with Urvashi. Her father(Innocent) doesn't approve , so Sreenivasan tells her that he will call her out. Urvashi convinces him to make her a 10 Pavan ...

Sreensan is a goldsmith who is in love with Urvashi. Her father(Innocent) doesn't approve , so Sreenivasan tells her that he will call her out. Urvashi convinces him to make her a 10 Pavan ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ro b (mx) wrote: great suspense movie. it shows the anxiety, doubts, planning involved not just the assasination. not everyone agreed with the plan. some wanted to back out. it also showed the aftermath of the assasination - the people killed and tortured and the fear of the assasins.

Pedro C (nl) wrote: SKIPTRACE is a well-animated adventure. The inherent humor in Jackie Chan's action scenes mixed with the persona that is Johnny Knoxville proved to be very entertaining and joyful.But, it's not all a bed of roses. Through out all movie length we are cursed by an annoying and inadequate soundtrack.The comic parts could be very amusing if the music had helped. The scenes are very funny as when Jackie Chan in Bennie Chan's character goes to Russia get Johnny Knoxville (Connor Watts) we receive a nice and very funny scene of action but the music takes away all this fantastic setting, making it dull and exasperating.There were good and funny moments but you can not enjoy due to "background noise".

Steven G (ag) wrote: God, is it awful. It wastes the brilliant idea of putting Betty White, Sigourney Weaver, and Jamie Lee Curtis all in one movie on an awful script with tons of exaggerated characterizations and forced schmaltzy moments. It reeks of desperation. Stay far away.

Fahad A (ru) wrote: many movies have been made..post 9/11, tackling the issue of terrorism and its effects...the racism showcased is realistic, its not over board, with the limited scope, great actors and a tight screenplay..the movie works !give it a go, it would surprisingly impress ! having our pakistani model act well...is an added plus !

VJ B (jp) wrote: Atom Egoyan is the Otto Preminger of our time. He makes everything look so good he consistently gets away with poor storytelling

Ceph J (gb) wrote: Loved this film because it's my kind of movie not made by Hollywood. A quiet gem that's well written, takes you to foreign locales, actors who act like real people, and it has a message. Granted, the simple message is one of redemption or forgiveness; "Walk On Water" refers to a miracle so might be anti-climactic to some critics. But, there's just too many admirable aspects of the film to ignore. Lior Ashkenazi plays an Israeli assassin and the actor looks like Clive Owen. He's sent on a mission to find out information from German siblings Caroline Peters and Knut Berger. It's basically about Ashkenazir's relationship with Berger, two men different in backgrounds, music taste, sexuality, and outlook (pessimist vs optimist). I like the way the friendship develops slowly without judgment. Obviously, the filmmakers are striving for a bromance but there's not a single scene where Burger explains why he doesn't even attempt to sleep with Ashkenazi or Ashkenazi confirms explicitly that he's not even remotely interested. Also, Ashkenazi's transformation from cold killer into compassionate buddy doesn't really depend on Burger but on the memory of his dead wife. The ending is too tidy so feels like a copout. The film provides a travelogue of Israel and Berlin so any viewer can feast on some of these locales. The two male actors are very credible actors and convince you of their roles. Peters' role is underwritten as the sister but all the female characters are simply in the background. This is a man's perspective. As a music fan, I liked the soundtrack. Ultimately, I can't wait to watch it a second time and try to capture details that I missed the first time.

Steve B (gb) wrote: Not a bad movie, I just don't care all that much about boxing. Favreau's good, though.

Charlie G (kr) wrote: Typical Seagal movie.

Michael W (kr) wrote: Aliens overtake Centerville, Illinois (although noted as Middletown, Idaho on Vestron Video box) in 1958 and remain on Earth never progressing beyond the 1950s. Interesting premise with some cult appeal that never quite delivers on its promise or captures its 50s nostalgia attempt. Was nominated for several Saturn awards, indicating it did receive acceptance in sci-fi circles.

Stuart K (au) wrote: After the success of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), creator Richard O'Brien reunited with co-writer Jim Sharman to do a follow-up, rather than making a sequel, they made an 'equal'. It was a troubled production, when the Screen Actors Guild went on strike, the production was downscaled and moved from America to London, and confined to a soundstage, which gives it an edge. Set in Denton, USA. Married couple Brad and Janet Majors (Cliff De Young and Jessica Harper) are invited to take part on Denton TV's new game show Marriage Maze, hosted by blind Viennese psychopath Bert Schnick (Barry Humphries). Brad is committed to Dentonvale, an insane asylum ran by Cosmo and Nation McKinley (Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn). Janet is groomed for stardom and world domination, while Brad is locked in a cell. Meanwhile, Denton Dossier hosts Betty Hapschatt (Ruby Wax) and Judge Oliver Wright (Charles Gray) investigate who the McKinley's really are, and who has orchestrated this whole wicked scheme. On a visual level, it looks brilliant and the sets are absolutely vivid, and the songs are top notch too. But, it's absolutely insane, and half the time you really don't know what on earth's going on, but that doesn't seem to matter. It's a mad satire on American culture and TV shows. Plus, look out for a young Rik Mayall as Rest Home Ricky.Here's something you ain't NEVER seen before, a SEQUEL, (or if you will, "equal" to The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975))!! This time, it's set in a TV studio, and has Brad and Janet (this time played by Cliff De Young and Jessica Harper), being tra...(read more) pped in a nightmarish game-show-come-reality-TV show, run by doctors Cosmo and Nation McKinley (Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn), and blind Austrian game show host Bert Schnick (Barry Humphries!!) Visually, it looks brilliant, the songs are top notch too. But, it's ABSOLUTELY BONKERS!! Half the time, you don't even know what on earth's going on, it's a satire on American culture, punctuated by 80's pop numbers with an American country-western flavour. God knows what Ritz O'Brien was on when he thought this one up, but don't let it put you off!! Oh, and there's a young Rik Mayall in it!! ;)

JY S (gb) wrote: For a comedic western, Lucky Luke is a mixed bag. Sorry James Huth, maybe next time.Although the main plot is on the light side, the subplots and back stories help to fill the 95 minutes of uncomplicated humor and silly characters. The atmosphere completely lacks seriousness and that is one of the positives, especially when everyone in America happens to speak french. That's just the way of Lucky Luke.Visually, this picture is amusing with colorful sets and costumes, but one of the biggest disappointments is the shortfall of laughs in a huge bucket of comedic elements. The action and shootings are eccentric, fast-paced, and it blends right in with the film's style. On the other hand, there is nothing exceptional about it.The acting is as it should be. Jean Dujardin is an acceptable protagonist and most of the supporting cast add character to the film. Michael Youn as Billy the Kid is notable. Ultimately, Lucky Luke is definitely not as funny as it tries to be. Watch it and move on.

Mike C (fr) wrote: Decent what if style sci-fi flick of the 60s. All aroud classic.

Zack B (mx) wrote: Luchino Visconti is a director whose work I have not exactly gotten myself into. Senso is so far the only movie of his I've seen. Technically I watched Death of Venice but I didn't finish it. I got bored.Senso wasn't anymore interesting but I couldn't deny that the cinematography was entrancing. Praise be to those wonderful people at Criterion who make those beautifully and preciously restored DVDs. I can't imagine that Senso even looked as good when it was first released. I was surprised at how modern the film felt in terms of it's cinematography. Visconti seems to be a director who knows how to frame beautiful shots and takes pride in the images he creates. The performances by Alida Valli and Farley Granger are strong but not compelling and overall neither of them made their characters interesting to me and that its why in the end I didn't care for the movie. I just couldn't care less about the characters and what they were going through.

Marie M (fr) wrote: I would recommend this only for avid fans of the two male leads, especially those of Astaire who should definitely not miss his Puttin' on the Ritz number at about the 25-minute mark. Then again, that sequence - along with the only other highlight of the film, A Couple of Song and Dance Men, where Astaire and Crosby thrown in everything and the kitchen sink for a good ole vaudeville romp - is on YouTube, so there's really no point in putting anyone ever again through this tissue-thin story and even thinner plot device of a story-within-a-story (in this case, flashback-within-radio-show, which I could only imagine as one of those inane, talk show ones that I would only consider listening to if I was on the road at 2 in the morning a la Sleepless in Seattle; otherwise, the TV would be a safer bet). Once you pass Song and Dance Men, feel free to stop the movie - you won't miss a thing if you've already seen Holiday Inn, the first and far better of the 2 Astaire-Crosby pairings. Though De Wolfe, who steals most of his scenes, does an amusing bit as an increasingly inebriated woman celebrating her 18th wedding anniversary and Astaire does fair enough in a Caribbean-themed routine to a jazzed-up reprise of Puttin' on the Ritz towards the end, both numbers sag in the middle and are largely forgettable, much like the movie itself. Astaire had announced this film as his swan song from entertainment, and if his intention was to bow out without a bang, he did it alright; thank goodness for Easter Parade. P.S. It seems that the only memborable moments are when Astaire was in his element, dancing. And to be fair, Crosby does a touching scene with his little, on-screen daughter where he serenades her on a bite-sized piano; the kid steals the scene and Crosby's reactions are heartaching - a bittersweet mix.

Brandon W (au) wrote: Blazing Saddles is directed and co-written by Mel Brooks, and it stars Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Harvey Korman, Madeline Kahn, and Mel Brooks in a western satire about people not appreciating that the new sheriff is black, and there are danger lurking around the city that the citizens need him now then ever. Now after seeing Spaceballs, I figured I should watch Blazing Saddles in my DirecTV list since it's the only Mel Brooks film that I have in there. So with that said, Blazing Saddles is much better than Spaceballs. The acting is just as good as Spaceballs, especially the chemistry between Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder which brings out some interesting story and great jokes. The jokes never seem to be in a hateful way, especially the racism jokes as they got me smiling, but it wasn't in a positive aspect from those jokes as it's still a touchy subject. Characters are memorable, and the plot is interesting in the way it plays itself so outrageous, but still manages to be original enough that plays the traditional aspects of western movies while also putting in refreshing aspects that make this film stand out. Blazing Saddles is a hilarious film that it's interesting to also see the history of how it was almost not in theaters, and if that happened, then the viewers wouldn't be able to see this classic.

laurel (jp) wrote: love it...funny and sweet

JB R (it) wrote: Preminger's last film for Fox is a sizzling noir that is paced perfectly and holds up incredibly well. Dana Andrews is stellar in the lead, a cop who can't escape his demons. The camera work on location in NYC adds a lot of authenticity but it is balanced with Preminger's delicate direction. There are some great twists in the script by Ben Hecht, though it is all a bit unbelievable. A gritty companion masterpiece to Preminger's "Laura".

Kerby H (br) wrote: While it's clever in some aspects, this is mainly complete nonsense. The actors are terrible but I guess that was a focal point of this movie.

Ryan H (ag) wrote: Dark was the Night isn't a perfect movie, and its premise is far from original, but it more than makes up for its flaws. Kevin Durand shows more star power than most of his previous roles combined. The "show the monster as little as possible until the third act" technique succeeds where it usually fails in other films. There are more genuinely scary moments than I care to admit, and the final confrontation with the creature is a near-perfect combination of action and suspense. The creature itself is unlike anything I've ever seen, and the ending is unoriginal but fantastic all the same.