A sleazy sex comedy about a blind man who wants to become a life guard, his friend with a tiny willy, and three beautiful models who all meet at the sloppy camping ground run by a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sebastyen D (es) wrote: Pas aussi mauvais que les critiques le laissent entendre. Pas excellent non plus. Ca fait la job. Rebecca Hall est assez "eye candy" dans ce film , d'autant plus qu'on la voit toujours jouer des intellectuelles fortes normalement (Vicky Barcelona, The Town etc.) Dans ce cas-ci, elle joue une nunuche qui a l'air plus conne qu'elle ne l'est en ralit. Tir d'un fait vcu semble-t-il

Noname (ag) wrote: Another american pie flick once again but not as good as the first 3 ones. More sex joke scenes and thats much about it..

TTT C (kr) wrote: (*** 1/2): Thumbs Up A very well-acted film.

Matthew O (nl) wrote: Best Supporting Actress 1998

Amber Y (ag) wrote: Good show want to see it again. How do u get movies with out buying them.

bill s (mx) wrote: Somethings worked and some didn't in this silly Mel Brooks fare.

Michael T (br) wrote: Radu (Anders Hove) returns and quickly disposes of his half brother Stefan. Soon he is in pursuit of the only survivor from the last film, Stefan's love interest Michelle who is now played by Denice Duff. The Bloodstone, a McGuffin from the last film, is back and Radu is after that as well. The plot moves faster, Duff makes for an engaging and attractive heroine, Hove's makeup is even creepier and the film once again returns to post-Cold War Romania which adds to the mood. My major complaint is Radu's "Mummy Dearest," a shrivelled-up lich who was Radu's sorceress mother reminded me too much of TV's Crypt Keeper (Tales From The Crypt was already a cable TV sensation. The stop-motion homunculi from the first film make a brief reappearance but director Ted Nikolaou wisely has them disappear from the story after they help Radu return. This was a direct-to-VHS film back in 1993. What will happen to companies like Full Moon as the number of video rental stores continues to decline?

Andrew R (nl) wrote: A bit heavy-handed on the eco message, but Nausicaa herself is a (gale?) force to be reckoned with. Her compassion and redoubtable spirit are second to none in her quest to find harmony even when all seems lost.

Merja P (ru) wrote: Liz and Katharine were fab... Monty's character didn't have much "variety" but he was good too. maybe a bit unbelievable story, but enjoyable to watch - even my kid was mesmerized when he watched the ending...

Edith N (au) wrote: You know, there was, for a long stretch of the movie, a simple solution to a lot of the problems, but it was one that wouldn't have been possible in a film from 1950. The obvious solution for the problem would have involved "miscegenation," a thing expressly forbidden by the Code. Oh, a white woman and a Hispanic man wouldn't have been as bad as a white women and a black man, but there still would have been problems. Barbara Stanwyck had to end up with a white guy, despite the fact that it in many ways caused more problems than it solved. Hence the runtime of the movie, for example. T. C. Jeffords (Walter Huston in his last film role) owns an enormous ranch called The Furies. He has a son, Clay (John Bromfield), whom he considers worthless, and a daughter, Vance (Stanwyck), whom he allows pretty much free rein on the ranch. Clay gets married off in the first five minutes of the picture, and we pretty much never see him again. Vance, however, rides around being all proud and beautiful, getting her father's word that she'll be able to run The Furies. Their two great bones of contention are the Herrera family, squatters whom I suspect had the original land grant on The Furies, and Rip Darrow (Wendell Corey), the gambler she loves. Who betrays her, taking her dowry and leaving, as T. C. knew he would. It only gets worse when T. C. brings home Flo Burnett (Judith Anderson), who persuades T. C. to send Vance away, so she decides to take her revenge as only Barbara Stanwyck can. In the world of the story, T. C. deserves whatever he gets. He Broke His Word. He had given his word that Vance should run The Furies. He had given his word that the Herreras should remain on The Furies. He had given his word that the money he issued would retain its value. None of these turned out to be true. Vance was essentially turned out of her own home; her actions toward Flo afterward only sealed things. T. C. (I don't think we ever find out what the initials stand for) has broken trust all over the place, and nothing can fix that. Vance is seen as making things as right as she can, but nothing will bring Juan Herrera (Gilbert Roland) back from the dead. Nothing will pay back the people who accepted T. C.'s at full price and ended up receiving ten cents on the dollar. It's a lot of broken trust. Again, I think a lot could have been solved a lot sooner if Vance had just married Juan Herrera. I feel that her father would have respected him as much as her father respected much of anybody. It would have solved the squatter problem. T. C. wouldn't have made that ridiculous $50,000 payment to Rip to get rid of him; I think that can be seen as the beginning of T. C.'s downfall. Vance would not have been as easy to get rid of. And she did genuinely seem to like Juan, though he always, when she kissed him, said it was the kiss of a good friend. There are worse starts for marriages. [i]The Furies[/i] was nominated for an Oscar for Best B&W Cinematography, but the Academy's website is down, so I can't tell you what beat it. I hope it was something pretty good. Like any good Western, this movie is full of sweeping vistas. Like any good Barbara Stanwyck movie, this movie is full of dynamic closeups on people in emotional disturbance. There are also claustrophobic shots, such as when Vance and Juan are in the Herrera stronghold, waiting for her father to kill or be killed. I've seen better filming, but I have to tell you--the filming is pretty much what saves this from a negative review. Otherwise, I would be forced to tell you how much the words "turgid melodrama" sprang to mind as I was watching it.

Sean G (jp) wrote: Great job by Cusack. A very emotional and sad film.

Ellen G (fr) wrote: Interessant. William Hurt er flink. Men litt treg for meg.

Eddie G (us) wrote: what if ...what if Hitler didn't lost war, like in this movie, and he become allies with US coolwell this is movie about 3rd Reich after the war, germanys didn't lost, everything is normal, almost, but thr's still Gestapo and none knows abut 6mil dead jews, hmmmm interesting it's very nice idea for movie great plot i must sayRutger as SS officer , fits him very well that role :_) good movie