Pontioi New Generation = Neon genean

Pontioi New Generation = Neon genean

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Pontioi New Generation = Neon genean torrent reviews

T Patrick S (jp) wrote: It sorta reminded me of The Signal (2008) and Pontypool with Facebook thrown in as the source.

ray r (us) wrote: I love Harrison Ford and say Roger Egbert gave this four stars so I was looking forwards to this. Unfortunately its total bollocks. The acting is so shit. The music is so shit. The plot is so shit. Its a car crash of a movie & way too long. I think its meant to be funny. Josh Hartnett is brutal. Harrison Fords sex scene are unwatchable.. Why is he wearing shades and eating a donut???? I dont understand how this movie is so bad but it is... Im gonna pretend I never saw it and erase the memory...(if possible)

Jarrett J (jp) wrote: i think i have to watch it again...seemed interesting enough, but i'm missing something...

Piyush K (ca) wrote: a piece of art....should be India's entry to the Oscars... :D

Shally S (de) wrote: It's a good movie, but it's NOT biographical. It's a fictional account told by a fictional friend of Hoffa's. Get it straight.

Hung H (au) wrote: Great American Legend and Fess Parker is the giant to act it.

Alyan H (jp) wrote: Excellent film with awesome actors

Dan O (ag) wrote: Good, if not great, film despite its Hollywood ending.