Pooh's Heffalump Movie

Pooh's Heffalump Movie

Who or what exactly is a Heffalump? The lovable residents of the Hundred Acre Wood -- Winnie the Pooh, Rabbit, Tigger, Eeyore, Kanga and the rest of the pack -- embark on a journey of discovery in search of the elusive Heffalump. But as is always the case, this unusual road trip opens their eyes to so much more than just the creature they're seeking.

A heffalump is heard trumpeting in the hundred acre woods. Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet are scared and rush to Rabbit's house for advice. Roo joins them and they all agree that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cylus O (jp) wrote: A good movie with great performances from the entire cast. The movie was dark, yet alluring, depressing yet exciting. The movie is more about Dominik's downward spiral than it is about the topic of suicide, but his downward spiral was well done and mostly very believable. The movie had room for improvement; the show could of certainly benefited by taking the topic of suicide more seriously and showing all the sides to it, unfortunately this movie isn't really about stopping suicide in the least. Also Dominik who is the main character is gay but yet falls in love with a girl, although their relationship was on an emotional level, so it can be overlooked I guess. It would of just been more convincing had it been a guy. The interpretation of the cyber world was pretty good and it added a unique flare and feel to the show that many other similar movies fail to accomplish. Overall I enjoyed the show and had no regrets in watching it. Warning though, watching this show by your self could make you feel pretty isolated and a bit depressed.

Sean C (gb) wrote: I knew nothing about this movie when I stuck it on and nor did the subtitles work for those places where none of the dialogue was in English. That aside and after a rather worrying start - it looked like it might be a kinky thriller in Body of Evidence mode at one point - it soon settled into an uncomprising and very real feeling drama where the ultimate cult actress Asia Argento finds herself abroad with no passport and no bank cards and also no apparent means of escaping home. Refreshingly real feeling.

Josh F (jp) wrote: anyone who says this copies van sants elephont should die. elephant was queer, drawn out & boring, & very anti-climactic. & it didn't explain shit. this movie is to real to have a plot. does your life have a plot? no so fuck you & die.

Mele M (fr) wrote: thiz moviee is sux but i like it coz itz a tongan MOVIEE....lolz...mhk

Josh S (us) wrote: One of the finest French movies I've ever seen about coming of age during the French-Algerian War, which is to say becoming adults not simply smart-ass kids (why am I in this country?). Replete with sexual confusion, academic indifference and adherence, and the consequences of war a small body of water away, 'Wild Reeds' is a masterpiece of naturalism, rich as a novel, and goddamn unforgettable in how it fails to strike a single wrong note. It's the only film by Andr Tchin and by most accounts his best but on the basis of it alone, I purchased the box set to watch them all.

Giannis C (gb) wrote: Cinematic miracle of the 90's.A true masterpiece

Jonathan B (ru) wrote: This is a glorious movie based on the E.M. Forster book about the constraints and attitudes of the English class system during the Edwardian era. The teaming of James Ivory and Ismail Merchant produced a number of very good films based on Forster's work and built around them a recurring team of actors to fulfil the key roles. Here, Helena Bonham Carter, James Wilby, Simon Callow all feature with the leads taken by Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins. Thompson won the Oscar for her performance and there was also a nomination for a superb portrayal of a supporting character for Vanessa Redgrave. I do enjoy the feel of these Forster adaptations, dealing as they do with issues that seem quintessentially English of their era. They have a lovely humour of manners and mannerisms which is so well observed and makes for interesting characters on screen. Everything in this movie just seems to work so well. The costumes are stunning, accents are clipped and precise and the passions bubble under the surface. There's a wonderful feel of a society at its height but on the verge of great change. A wonderful drama which is a joy to watch, Howards End just shines with brilliance.

Stephen S (mx) wrote: Pretty solid, classic style of the 90s action movie. This film has too much "showboating;" it takes so long to get around to the actual firefighting sometimes, instead focusing on the family drama (which is needed and interesting, but still doesn't really hit an effective crescendo) and the brothers' relationships with their girlfriends/families (which is important in the case of Russell's character, but clearly extraneous in Baldwin's case). So these outside story arcs are necessary to some extent but they're focused on in too much detail considering that most of them are barely relevant to the story. The actual firefighting is really cool, and serves as a testament to firefighters' bravery. The backdraft aspect is really cool, plus I like how De Niro's character analyzes how the fires are started. Now if they had focused more on the firefighting itself rather than all the other shit, and maybe cut a few minutes off this film, it could've been more entertaining and had a better flow. As is, it's still a pretty interesting film, and worth checking out once at least.

Stephen P (de) wrote: Brilliant film!John Mills of course - and a different role from richard attenboroughfantastic to see dunkirk as its rarely protrayed in films - the art of the english - queuing!nice to see my local area in the film (from the 50's) of Teddington when we get to see all the river boats assembling and crossing the channel

Jackson H (fr) wrote: To me I kinda liked it. It was a little bit funny and a little dumb.

Dani P (fr) wrote: Ok, let's put it this way: I really enjoyed watching We Own The Night. It's got some pretty good action scenes - maybe the most intense ones in Gray's filmography -, the story is catchy and the performances are stunning. But, when analysing the script, I think the director made some mistakes. He could have developed more Eva Mendes and Mark Wahlberg's characters, the ending wasn't very satisfying and the transformation of Bobby through the movie isn't clear for us. Although, even with these problems, it's an enjoyable film to watch.

EmilyJane H (nl) wrote: i love all the dancing