A 40-something gay man has an intimate pool party for his three best middle-aged gay buddies, wondering privately if that special someone might be among them.

A 40-something gay man has an intimate pool party for his three best middle-aged gay buddies, wondering privately if that special someone might be among them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul C (nl) wrote: This story of this film I related to until the very end. The very end was very poor. Now if you cannot relate to this movie at all, you will hate it. The characters are ok, yet most of them were not very good at acting. The whole basis of the film is that average guys really have a hard time finding a girl. But they added some crude humor and that pretty stupid ending. Other than that, I loved the movie. The overall movie was pretty decent for a low budget independent film and I was really surprised. They seemed to work really hard on the movie. Well at parts. So overall, not a bad movie. If it was just filmed a bit better, they really would of had something here.

Emma M (us) wrote: The story doesn't really flow well. But hey, Fassbender spends a lot of the first part shirtless. Good if you like The Gladiator style movies and don't mind bloodlots of blood

Carlos Z (ag) wrote: It was blah, no real laughs. I may have cracked a smile.

Simon W (gb) wrote: It was a decent enough movie, though a bit low-budget. It was fun to see Vinnie Jones, who usually plays vicious psycopaths, play a mild-mannered hero and Eriq LaSalle, who usually plays mild-mannered heroes, play a vicious psycopath. All in all, the performances were good, but the script is a little bland. Lennox Lewis stole the show as a rastafarian radio DJ.

Angelina C (gb) wrote: For poker, Las Vegas fans.

Brian S (au) wrote: This has a straight-to-video look and some poor acting, but overall it's not a bad supernatural horror/slasher flick. An evil hypnotist imprisoned in Fenham Asylum is using his occult-empowered, demon-inhabited son (played by Cradle of Filth's frontman) to wreak vengeance on those that sentenced him for a series of gruesome abductions, rapes and murders. The stories are formulaic affairs that horror fans have seen before, a couple of them seemingly lifted straight from the Twilight Zone series. The special effects range from solidly gruesome to utterly laughable, with the climactic scene marred by some very unfortunate CG. Dani Filth himself hardly ever speaks a line until the very end, but he's quite good at looking menacing and somewhat vicious, particularly while he's rolling his eyes and slurping down some fresh cat guts."Cradle of Fear" is heavy (REALLY heavy) and the gore and gross-outs, which keeps it fun. There's definitely some black humor at work in a few scenes. Not a must-see by any means, but it'll keep most horror fans entertained for a couple of hours.

Blake P (ru) wrote: Formula can work in several ways, but two seem to be predominant in our sentimental cinema system. One formula, perhaps found in a manipulative Katherine Heigl vehicle, travels down a bumpy path until it crashes into a nearby ditch. The dialogue, never witty to begin with, is littered with the cliches of the past. The plot, robotic in its determination to take a detour into Tinsel Town, causes an eye-roll instead of a deservedly smitten sigh. But then, there's the formula found in a Gene Kelly musical. We quickly figure out how everything is going to end (he'll get the girl! Come out on top! Defeat the "villain"!), but its ability to exude agreeable comedy and make the most of its befitting stars turns predictability into an art form. We want him to get the girl, to come out on top, to defeat his nemesis. Formula can work wonders, as long as it's done right."Bend It Like Beckham" is a formulaic coming-of-age dramedy, but never did I feel manipulated to smile, to laugh, to do anything pertaining to unbridled amusement. Years down the road, I may not remember the inner workings of its plot; what I will remember, though, is how much elation I felt during its quick 112 minutes. So lucrative is its formula that I turned into one of those middle-aged monsters who finds themselves unembarrassed to talk to the screen, begging the characters to make the right decisions.A radiant Parminder Nagra portrays Jesminder Bhamra, a British teenager of Indian descent. Though her family resides in London, still strong is their attachment to their strict culture. A picture of their maker hangs above the fireplace, judging every move; the mother (Shaheen Khan), conservative and close-minded, doesn't much care about education, preferring that her daughters learn how to cook a proper Indian meal and feed it to their (future) nice, Indian husband. But Jess feels trapped. She's a high school senior, bright, and completely in love with -- GASP -- soccer. While the other teenage girls in her culture have accepted their upcoming marital dilemma, Jess wants something more. She wants to receive a good education, to become the female David Beckham. Fearing the wrath of her domineering parents, she attends soccer practice under the guise that she's headed to a demanding job.Jess becomes close to a fellow teammate, Juliette (Keira Knightley), and soon develops a crush on her young coach, Joe (Jonathan Rhys Meyers). Before, her biggest concern was to avoid getting caught by her parents. Now, she not only has to worry about punishment; she also has to deal with the fact that Juliette fancies Joe too.On paper, "Bend It Like Beckham" sounds, expectedly, like tepid formula. But with its irrepressibly wonderful cast and knack for natural comedy, it's a notable success that gives us an excuse to abandon our problems and find escape in someone else's. It's a warm film, perhaps doped up with copious amounts of anti-depressant medication.The best thing about "Bend It Like Beckham" is Nagra, an appealing actress that gives Jess an immediately charismatic air. So often are we told to like the teen at the center of a coming-of-age movie; unusually, Nagra makes it easy for us to root for Jess. Delightfully supporting her are a spry, witty Knightley, a hilariously shrill Shaheen Khan, and Juliet Stevenson, who portrays Juliette's mother with extroverted comedic skill.It's rare to laugh out loud during a film, and "Bend It Like Beckham" provides plenty of gut-busters. Not because of a well-timed punchline, not because of a physical comedy mess -- because human interaction is funny, because clashing cultures can be funny. "Bend It Like Beckham" is a winner.

Georg C (kr) wrote: This is the film that got me into Bollywood, absolutely superb cheese fest.

jay n (es) wrote: In many ways Wallace was a reprehensible man so a three hour film of his rather infamous life should be a struggle to get through that it's not is almost wholly because it has such a high quality cast. Clarence Williams III offers quiet support in the difficult role of Wallace's long time servant and the many familiar faces that are in support all are fine in their various roles. The real spotlight is on the three main characters and it's here that the film really delivers. Mare Winningham is both strong and soft as Lurleen Wallace standing by her man who is devoted to her. Their relationship does much to humanize Wallace. Angelina Jolie, during the very brief period of her career spent in TV, is equally strong as Cornelia Wallace showing that she was more than the trophy wife she was sometime painted as. Even with all this excellent work the film would be nothing without a knockout lead actor and fortunately this has Gary Sinise. He is totally committed to the character whether showing his bigotry or his humanity, a splendid piece of work. Frankenheimer's direction is sure handed keeping the interest level high as he moves through a most complicated man's life.

Greg W (kr) wrote: ok WWII movie post WWII kerr earned an oscar nom for her performance in this.

Ken T (kr) wrote: 8 incredibly intelligent professors are diligently working on an encyclopedia that requires about 3 more years to complete. They work on this project in New York City and though 7 of the men are aged, one named Bertram Potts (Gary Cooper) is a younger man and somewhat the leader of the group. When Potts inadvertently discovers his section on "slang" is not accurate, he ventures out into the city to meet some people that can help him out. One of the people he meets is Sugarpuss O'Shea (Stanwyck), lounge singer who is mixed up with gangsters. Situations arise whereby O'Shea must stay with the bachelor and the 7 elder gents. Great wit from two screenwriting legends with outstanding direction from one of Hollywood's best. Cinematography by Toland. I would have preferred to see Cary Grant in this role - but I have never been much of a fan of Gary Cooper. Fans can add another half star. Good stuff in this take on the Snow White fable.

Ferna S (it) wrote: There may be no point to watch this romantic tragedy if not because of Vivien Leigh.

Valria V (kr) wrote: Based on a play, this film was very good.Captivating and funny as.

A S (fr) wrote: Another good muppets movie I give it a 89%