Poongsan has the unenviable - and death-defying - job of delivering messages across the North and South Korean border to separated families. When South Korean government agents ask him to smuggle in In-ok, the lover of a high-ranking North Korean defector, into the South, the damsel and rescuer fall in love instead.

A young man crosses over North and South Korea to deliver the pain and longings of separated families. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael B (nl) wrote: Right from the intro credits (which had very poor CG), I envisioned this as a mix between Maze Runner and Hunger Games. Interesting concept, but very lacking in execution.From the start, we meet our first character, and quickly a second, and it started showing some promise. Then it went downhill faster and more devastating than an avalanche.We meet two others, who have somehow been in this place for 5 days without food or water that we know of, and who also haven't thought of exploring anything in that time. And that's about par for the course for much of the rest of the movie. We meet people who have no memories, except when the plot wants them to, but only to provide some exposition.By the end, people start acting differently based on what they remember, but it's still not clear to the audience what their motivation suddenly is. Very little is explained, and it seems as though that was the intent, and to try to set up a sequel (fat chance).All in all, it's not completely unwatchable, but if you come out of the end of the movie with an understanding of what's going on, I'd be surprised. Good luck.

Aaron C (ca) wrote: Cumberbatch in much younger years, playing a mostly pre-ALS Stephen Hawking. Moffat interplays the cosmic background radiation discovery of Penzias & Wilson as a intermittent backdrop. The tension between Hawking and Hoyle was portrayed to dramatic effect, but I wonder how they actually were as colleagues.

Jordon J (au) wrote: Footnote" deals with ambition, isolation, the dangers of too much success and the inevitable gap between generations. I say SEE IT!!!

Syed J (de) wrote: good movie, I am anyway a shahid fan, love to see him dance. Catchy songs.

Torion O (jp) wrote: Great martial arts film.

Linda L (jp) wrote: Creative cinematography, you don't have to have seen L'Auberge Espagnole to enjoy this film.

Tony L (nl) wrote: Boldly tackles social and fiscal issues with unapologetic vengeance. One of the most thought provoking films I've watched and mused over in quite some time.

Soheil W (fr) wrote: A story about an immigrating family from Italy to Germany with all there ups and downs in the 1960s. In focus is the relationship between the two brothers and their love stories with girls...Very well narrated movie with nice dialogues and very good cast!

Michael W (ag) wrote: At its worst, a somewhat incomplete thought and perhaps too meandering; at its best, a gritty, raw piece of cinma vrit with some of the most honest and real performances ever captured by film. The camera work and editing (particularly that of Ray's drunken rambling sequence) almost builds itself into an extra character and plays a bit of a "fly on the wall", voyeuristic role.As Gary Oldman's first film, one can envision years of gritty, vibrant, well-directed character-driven dramas fulfilling a long and successful career. As Oldman's only film to date, one wonders 'what happened?' Perhaps writing AND directing such an intense, low-budget indie piece was enough hard work for a lifetime for the accomplished thespian.All tolled, the film stands on its own merits and, although it wasn't exactly my kind of flick, it was a damn well-made film.

WS W (br) wrote: I am not aware this was an adaptation from a novel. The flick tried to explore subjects like homosexuality & BDSM, plus certain dramatic element, like psychopathic thriller. But it just turned out to be so freaking awful, coarse & confusing.

Matthew G (br) wrote: Surprisingly good movie. Has a better story than the original and Billy Drago makes a great villian. Also good to watch for Angelina Jolie making her lead debut.

Jon C (br) wrote: the search for the next Bobby Fischer comes unexpectedly when Josh Waitzkin shows his unique ability at playing chess at such a young agehis father sees that he is way more talented than he has ever been and has a chance to have his son excel with this giftMax Pomeranc is perfect as Josh being such a game master but also struggling to still keep his father's love and appreciationhe has such a vulnerability that he doesn't want to break in fear of being looked at too differentlyBen Kingsley teaches Josh that you always have to offer your opponent a way out of the conflict and that you have to consider losing an option because it does happeneven being a child prodigy has its setbacks and they make it distinctively clear that even Bobby Fischer, the most successful chess player in the world faced a few of his own dealing with the world's expectationswatching the intensity of the game play out is suspenseful because Josh has a lot to live up to knowing too well that someone might take his place and upset a few othersit's only a game but chess here is filmed in a grown-up, riveting manner

Bill M (de) wrote: A poorly done Night Of The Living Dead knockoff... noticeably missing George A Romero's touch. The cast all gets killed off early in the movie. Hard to follow this one. Stick to the stuff that works.

Sirena G (jp) wrote: love him love this movie

Jason B (jp) wrote: This film is what you get when you mix water with Freddy Kruger a true scare fest that will drown you in terror.

Bryce C (mx) wrote: Not Bogart at his best, but he's always great, and this is no exception.