Poor Jenny

Poor Jenny

Drama: Jenny is a cleaner. Seduced by a local boy, Edouard, her parents reject her. She finds a job as a vaudeville dancer, but winds up in the gutter and decides to take her own life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Conrad T (de) wrote: 1.5 stars. It would be a straight 2 if it was in a faster pace in the 1st hour.

Rinaldo H (us) wrote: The most surreal and horrifying fact about this film, is that almost everything is real. It is a bizarre combination of cold hard facts with raw emotions, an absurd theatre of reenactment and reality.

Ninjaw P (nl) wrote: Comedie romantique tres drole, malgre le laid demaison. 100% des gags sont dans la bande annonce.

Keith T (us) wrote: Great dark comedy, a hidden gem

Private U (nl) wrote: A bit comic but so so movie

Derek S (ru) wrote: gave up after 20 minites. office down... more thumbs down

Pete S (au) wrote: very cheesy with poor acting and effects

Abel D (jp) wrote: Despite a loose story that plays fast with history and blatant copying of Stone's 'Black & white for the past' technique, Wild Bill is elevated by a strong cast and good, brisk pacing.

Alexander C (ca) wrote: To see why Tom Selleck's movie career has been a constant uphill battle, look no further than this tepid mystery/comedy from 1989.

Li K (ca) wrote: The pace is perhaps a little slow, but I adore Jimmy Stewart, love Jack Lemmon, and am infatuated with Kim Novack's eyebrows. I feel a little more charmed by this movie everytime I watch it.

Kato H (gb) wrote: amazingly enough, I wonder if this is a copy Idea from europe, a while back, watching a german movie, made in the 50s, they also had an apache flick, but not this one... wonder if its the same story....

kathye m (au) wrote: not the best yet until anthony hopkins makes a better crime film

Glenn L (gb) wrote: I found this movie exceptional given the constraints of telling a true story. After all, this was 1986 and this kind of terrorism was still rarely seen in the US. bravery, anger, fear and love get thrown into this blender with a truly miraculous result and certainly deserves your time.