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Emma L (es) wrote: me and millie moomins loved the dragon, we want to become dragon riders!!!! lovely fantasy movie. x

Laurent P (it) wrote: Un Gravity avec un peu trop de gravite. Le film se pretend une experience sensorielle et poetique a la croise de Malick et Tarkovsky. Helas le recit trop triture dans ses elipses et alourdi par ses effets de style peu porteurs est absolument indigent. Naivement pompeux...

Ceph J (fr) wrote: "Dare" refers to fulfilling your sexual fantasies, in other words..."dare you be different?" Emmy Rossum is superb as Alexa who craves to be an actress but to perform "A Streetcar Named Desire" she needs to understand sexual desire, ala "Black Swan." Her BFF, Ben (Ashley Springer) is a closeted gay and wants to experience sex for the first time. Into their High School comes Johnny (Zach Gilford who's the most intriguing actor here) and they both use him for their motives. We get to see each charcter's perspective and we learn that Gilford is a lonely rich kid seeking any attention he can from both male and female interests. There's a great scene where he defends his friend against a homophobe. The menage a trio is very interesting and unlike anything I've seen before. As a viewer, you don't know the degree of Gilford's bisexuality and you don't know the extent of Springer and Rossum's manipulations. The movie falters with defining Courtney's (Rooney Mara) latent lesbianism and her perspective would add to the mix even if the movie would take longer. Ana Gasteyer is notable in a supporting role as Ben's empathetic mom. The ending is a slight copout; after investing so much time with these characters, we should learn where they're heading with their sexualities and ambitions. Hollywood makes sequels based on box office receipts or a studio's interest in making money. This is an independent film that I'd be interested in finding out how these characters turn out.

Dejaenique S (es) wrote: I luv Kristen Stewart

Eric I (de) wrote: Better than part 2, but still not a worthy sequel.

Jeremy S (fr) wrote: Enjoyable movie - decent action and plot twists. Not Walhberg's greatest film, but still very enjoyable

Anna (es) wrote: Islam is a peaceful religion, but terrorists use it incorrectly as an excuse to promote acts of violence.

Dan M (us) wrote: Very interesting movie. Never realized how diverse and rich the music scene in Turkey was. My teacher showed us this movie in class and I'm glad he did. One of the coolest things I learned from the film was that Turkey has a hip-hop scene. Yes, Turkish Rap. They also have Turkish Rock among their other more traditional forms of music, which are just as awesome in their own way. A good movie for anyone who likes to learn about other cultures.

tanya l (fr) wrote: ew gay men having sex

Britney S (ca) wrote: This was really good.

Michael M (au) wrote: Easily the best in the franchise and overall just a badass action flick. Great fight scenes and Snipes is a king. Guillermo Del Toro rocked this one.

Maria D (nl) wrote: If we all could learn how to play by him, then every woman in America would know how to play golf.

Doshel Z (us) wrote: Amazing production! One of my favorite film!!!!!

Scott C (mx) wrote: I think I'd appreciate this much more today. It had a weird tone that I didn't understand, but I might just "get it" now.

Laura C (us) wrote: A semi-autobiographical account of a period in director Paul Mazursky's life. A funny and at times quite poignant telling of Mazursky's choice to leave Brooklyn for what he sees as the glamorous world of Greenwhich Village in 1953. He is pursuing an acting career and becomes part of a vibrant circle of friends, a very eclectic group; a blunt but kindhearted woman, a playboy (Christopher Walken,) an over-the-top funny black gay man (whose buoyant exterior hides a lot of pain,) a suicidal older actress, and the protagonist's girlfriend, who seems ever-indifferent to her lover. His parents provide much comedy, especially his overbearing mother, brilliantly played by Shelley Winters. It is obvious that Paul Mazursky has quite a love for these people as his story moves away from himself and focuses on these loveable, fascinating characters. Lenny Baker, who plays the lead, is very well-suited for the role.

Robert B (es) wrote: Invisible Invaders (Edward L. Cahn, 1959)Nauseating anti-nuke propaganda that would have just been mind-numbingly stupid before Cahn dug into his fifty-cent special effects budget in the last fifteen minutes of the movie. Then it becomes terrifying. I can just imagine the announcer on the trailer: "You truly will not believe how crappy the special effects in the movie are!" A quarter admission in the fifties got you two flicks, a newsreel, some cartoons, and maybe a two-reeler if it was a slow week. If one of those movies was Invisible Invaders, you still would've been justified in demanding your money back. Wooden acting, flat-out bad camerawork, and just wait till you see those effects. On second thought, I hope you never do. 1/2

Lee B (kr) wrote: Consider "Sinbad and The Eye of the Tiger" as the warmup to the original "Clash of the Titans". When Sinbad the American, returns from a recent voyage (to Mexico and the American Southwest based on the blankets and ponchos seen in the background during a few scenes) to Baghdad, he decides to get it on with Jane Seymour and help out her baboonized brother locate a cure for his condition caused by an evil step mother who wants to put her own son on the thone- who himself suffers an oedipus complex and a gigantic fro. Sinbad and the group set sail, seeking the help of an Irish American who is in Petra (located next door ON LAND in Jordan) to find the cure (hopefully not for alcoholism) all the while being chased by the step witch, fro boy, and beset by really bad directing, continuity and horribly aged special effects. The claymation monsters are great but vary in size from shot to shot and the lighting is woefully off, but let's face it, you're watching this film for one of two reasons: something to entertain your 10 year old and reminisce about the past or to see Dynavision at its near peak under Ray Harryhausen. Other than that Jane Seymour is well-- just hot. 1.75 stars.