Pop Star

Pop Star

When talented young singer, Roxie Santos, meets music producer, Eddie Marz, he promises her an amazing new lifestyle and a future record deal. All he needs her to do is first lend her voice to a celebrity with no singing talent. However, when things go too far and it looks like she might lose her “voice” forever, she sets off to prove the truth.

When a young singer, Roxie Santos, met a music producer, Eddie Marz, he promised bringing her a brilliant future and generous record constracts. All what she needed to do was just letting him borrow her voice for a famous singer but normal vocal. But after performing, she felt things went too far, which looked like she was about to lose her voice. She decided to stand up and use her voice to expose the truth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marta R (kr) wrote: Incomprehensible that women are still treated like 2nd class citizens in other parts of the world... yet, I found this movie boring... sorry.

Jensen D (nl) wrote: I highly recommend this movie, a story that revolves around 2 boys struggling over one girl. The ending was sad though.

Maisam M (ag) wrote: Aishwarya and Vivek were absolutely FAB in this movie, the songs were catchy, i mean some of the songs.. the movie itself, hmm.. its not good but its not bad either, its fun watching it while theres nothing else to do or to watch.. its not a dissapointing film..

Gary M (ag) wrote: This movie has it's moments. It's hit or miss depending on what you like.

Cj M (br) wrote: Surpassingly realistic for a hollywood movie.

Julie L (ag) wrote: This is a visually beautiful story about an American engineer who loses his young son to the impenetrable Amazonian jungle. He searches for 10 years, and finally finds his son who is now completely assimilated into the primitive culture. Especially poignant is the fact that the young man remembers his long gone existence and father only in dreams. The time the engineer spends with his son's adoptive "family" shows him that progress is not always an improvement upon nature, and leaves the viewer aching at the final, bittersweet understanding between father and son.

Meredith G (au) wrote: 1,000 times better than High School Musical

Alex B (ag) wrote: Of course I like the tattooed female martial artist (and her revenge), and the final speech of her father (lord of the Goumune). The fight at the temple and the final battle are excellent. And there's some good development of little Daigoro and filling in of the back-story (if perhaps too many flashbacks, and other assorted odd moments and effects).

Greg W (gb) wrote: u either love this or hate it-i'm the later

Lisa D (mx) wrote: Not the easiest watch by any means. Not particularly what I'd call entertaining, but definately thought provoking and incredibly well acted. Something to watch if you like to be challenged.

Andrew P (br) wrote: Seems like McG was too focused on making a movie so silly and stylish it looks like a commercial for GEICO. How is this guy a director?

Steve D (fr) wrote: Nothing but a common slasher. Why did they change this movie from the original. I wanted more plot. Not as much a remake as a waist of time

Ray C (ca) wrote: 4th time... not the charm!