A horror film festival, held in a theater which was once the scene of a tragic fire, turns into a real life horror show.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   ghost,   nurse,  

A "Leatherface" type murderer who wears other people's faces, kills at an all-night horrorthon at an old theatre put on by a bunch of film students. Maggie, the lead character, believes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy L (nl) wrote: Great writing, spectacular acting and awesome camera work. Nice to see Tyler Mane use more of his acting skills than we normally see and Renae Geerlings was a delight on screen as well. I love how the film went in a totally different direction than I thought it was. I was very pleasantly surprised by how good the film was and am happy I had the opportunity to catch the one night event. I urge everyone to do the same if you can! I am looking forward to the next project!

Phil H (jp) wrote: Well for a straight to DVD release this was pretty solid stuff, in fact its just as good as the first in terms of looks, action and quality and kinda surprises me why it never got a proper release. Well that's what I thought at first haha after finishing I realised why it may not have gotten a bigger release, simply its just the same as the first in everything.Now don't get me wrong its not a poor film, its actually a decent 'Running Man' style flick with good destruction derby sequences and plenty of pointless over the top blood BUT its the same as the first. Nothing new here anywhere I'm afraid right down to bringing back another 'Frankenstein' and using all the same types of cars.Cast attracted me with Rhames, Goss, Trejo and Bean (great line up) plus there are some nice girls in here too ;) but the film kinda rollercoasters and has good bits and poor bits and then bits which are directly copied from the first. Never did like the computer game angle it uses with the race either, comes across as a 'WWF' show, apart from that if you can accept its basically the first all over again then enjoy.

Cheryl C (au) wrote: now i want to know why jesus has a shotgun in his backpack???

Anthony T (br) wrote: GREAT FROM START TO FINISH

Rusty N (it) wrote: brilent british film

Loyal D (nl) wrote: This movie definitely shows you a good time. It is so ridiculous and unnecessary, but you'll be glad you watched it because of a few hilarious scenes. It had many flaws, but laughs as well.

Joe M (gb) wrote: So many cliches yet still a heartwarming and endearing movie. Pauline Collins is smashing!

Michael H (gb) wrote: Great characters built by great performances by once dedicated actors. Major League built itself on a cult status and holds on to this day.

Greg W (kr) wrote: another caper movie a cut above most caqper pix

Lee M (jp) wrote: The movie was made with a lot of love and startingly fresh memories of the early 1940s, and reminds us once again that Spacek is a treasure.

James H (au) wrote: Exceptional Charlie Chan mystery, certainly one of the best in the series. It's suspenseful and very well written. Great cast, especially Sidney Toler and Victor Sen Young.

Johnny N (it) wrote: Disapointing, omg so bad.

NaWie M (ag) wrote: I remember when I first watched this Movie I was a little girl. My Uncle used to be a Lou Ferrigno Fan and I watched this Movie with him. It was exciting. Amazing whenever I see Lou on the TV Series King of Queens, he always reminds me of the time I use to spend with my Uncle and watch Movies.

Robert M (it) wrote: Fairly interesting story, but it takes place in a neat digital video game world. The interface world itself to me definitely looked unique for it's time in filmaking. It also included a pretty epic journey saving the entire digital interface realm while having a real in-depth but different story especially for a Disney film. Even though I may not have thought it was necessarily great, there really doesn't seem to be another film like this one out there. Good sounds and action scenes for a couple more big pluses.