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Joe J (ag) wrote: After the death of his wife, funeral director Ely (Dennis Quaid) unexplainably kills a friend of his by burying him alive in his wife's coffin.Two years later, high school student Travis (Tony Oller) is working on Ely's lawn and one night he and his friends decide to sneak into the house because they're sure it's haunted, and they discover a terrifying secret. Ely catches them and kills one of their friends, but the cops won't believe their story. As they try to investigate further, Ely gets more deranged and becomes even more unhinged, targeting the teens to make sure that his dark secret never gets out.Why Randy Quaid would give his name to such a disastrous, monotonous, boring film I have no idea. This is the type of drivel you'd find in a made-for-TV afterschool special or something. The storyline has no shocking moments and no surprises, the actors are plain terrible, and you can even tell Quaid isn't liking the movie even though he's acting in it. All in all it was a very painful movie to watch, even with fast forwarding through most of it.

Des S (es) wrote: The summary made this movie sound more exciting than it actually was. I thought there was actually going to be a love affair in it, but instead the story is pretty boring for most of it. It wasn't too bad of a movie to watch, just nothing really happened.

DeShawn R (gb) wrote: My favorite hostage movie plus it's really funny

Reece L (ag) wrote: While the animation is undeniably excellent, it still contains that uncomfortable quality that renders the human figures awkward and plastic-looking, and the overuse of showy, swooping aerial shots coupled with a dull script do little to compensate for these visual shortcomings.

Nasreen A (ag) wrote: love tis movie n da songs

Frser v (es) wrote: The best and hardest to find of Yahoo Serious's movies. The best parts are the political commentary, like the scene where he cuts the Union Jack out of the Australian flag and goes to Hollywood to star in "Christian Cowboy."

Scott A (kr) wrote: If you can get past Baldwin's goofy haircut, this movie is decent to watch. Baldwin is a criminal released from jail and goes right back to his bad ways and at one point he steals a badge from a Cop and goes on a crime spree with it that is kind of fun! I think he actually starts to believe he is a cop after awhile.Fred Ward is the cop he steals it from, and he gives kind of an off performance. He also had his dentures stolen, so he talks funny half the film.Jennifer Jason Leigh is a hooker hired by Baldwin, but then they fall in love. Her voice can be grating, but hey she is pretty adorable as is and of course since it's Leigh, she shows the goods too!That scene in the Pawn Shop was awesome by the way.All that saying, it does seem to drag on at times and the ending is kind of a let down.

Greg W (gb) wrote: another so-so rom-com

Conrad T (ru) wrote: Legendary coach ? Not a football fan unfortunately. But still there were some tremendous moments.