Popeye the Sailor

Popeye the Sailor

Popeye and Bluto fight for the love of Olive Oyl in their debut short, featuring Betty Boop.

Popeye begins his movie career by singing his theme song, demonstrating his strength at a carnival, dancing the hula with Betty Boop, pummeling Bluto, eating his spinach and saving Olive Oyl from certain doom on the railroad tracks. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Popeye the Sailor torrent reviews

Vincent N (gb) wrote: This must be the worst film I have ever seen. James Nguyen is the Ed Wood of 2010s. Everything is bad : acting, dialogue, special effects, plot, attempt to be serious, technicians or mikes visible, etc... Perhaps the saddest part of this is that Nguyen didn't try to do a bad movie like other companies, such as The Asylum, which do that on purpose ("Hey look at my bad flick and have a good laugh !").

Kenneth S (de) wrote: It's better than Pokemon.

Edgar C (fr) wrote: Absolutely beautiful. A unique Australian film unlike almost anything you've ever seen. The cinematography is a spellbinding feast for the senses, and the plot, although very simple, has layers, layers of depth that make this gem a spectacle of modern cinematography; the usual touches of comedy suit perfectly; the shots are awesome; and unbelievably, the acting is very fine, along with actors with a deeper portrayed psychology that you could ever imagine. Amazing beauty. 89/100

Micah P (kr) wrote: What a great movie. It stars a cast of totally insane characters living the most fucked up lives. The movie has a very slick style and Max Beesley is fantastic. One of my top five favorite movies.

Jonathan H (fr) wrote: I watched this because I've always admired Jared Leto, but wasn't sure what to expect. It turned out to be a really decent story worth watching, though a bit slow-moving and a little soap-operaish.

Fernando S (jp) wrote: Filminho meio pesadote! Um pouco no seguimento do "Mente Brilhante", mas aqui com a Gwyneth Paltrow (Catherine) no principal papel, como filha de gnio louco falecido, e ela prpria com a insegurana do borde- line entre a genialidade e a loucura.

Pascal V (mx) wrote: Mince je l'avais d (C)j vu lol

Dan K (ag) wrote: Difficult to sit through, but its integration of bunraku puppet theater with live-action film is ingenious.

Caroline P (mx) wrote: Our Paris Walks guide mentioned this film as we strolled through Montmartre and saw the house where Jean Renoir grew up. The film is a delight for its lack of sentimentality and shrewd characterizations. Time for a Jean Gabin festival?

Logan M (jp) wrote: Loud, bombastic, generic, and without any clear objective, "Home on the Range" undermines itself with its own colorfulness and hyperactive characters.

Lauren C (us) wrote: Amazing cast. Pretentious garbage.