A teenage girls life gets turned upside down when a new school friend turns out to be a popstar.

The movie revolves around J.D. McQueen, a hot young rocker who must pass high school or miss a summer tour and forfeit his spot in a popular boy band. But at the school, he makes a teenage girl's life turn upside down. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ron S (mx) wrote: It's rather telling that Don Coscarelli didn't return to direct this. For the obviously low budget, it isn't too bad, but this isn't the Phantasm I hoped to see. The broken narrative and long, boring segments really drag the film down. Don't expect any sort of closure either; the film just kind of ends just as it was finally starting to get into gear.

Fredrik N (au) wrote: AHAHAHAHAA... Hilarious!!!

Nate J (it) wrote: Quite an adorable movie. Has a lot of laughs and was fun for kids and adults alike. The ending is kind of what you'd expect but they doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the film at all.

Galen A (fr) wrote: So bad that it's kind of funny, but this story deserves a better movie. It couldn't be that hard to write a good film about most serial killers and spree killers without exaggerating the story. The stories are interesting enough as are the people. The movies should write themselves but most of them suck (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and Monster being the only two good serial killer biopics I can think of).

Cody W (us) wrote: Was not too bad. The start was boring but the ending was pretty neat. Very different twist on the Tooth Fairy.

Octavian (mx) wrote: That's pretty much as boring as one thing could possibly sound.

Sarah H (gb) wrote: Yeah, it's about what you would expect, about the quality of a made for TV movie.

Eli M (it) wrote: great acting and an awesome premise! laura dern is to-die-for as always!

Ms Amanda J (jp) wrote: I can see why they cast Maddie Gorman as the spunky little sister in Some Kind of Wonderful. She offers the same fun spirited quality here in this movie.

Manon M (kr) wrote: A really good teenage film that deals with a lot of things young people are confronted with, especially sexuality. The plot is indeed pretty thing and it may sounds like a sex comedy, but that's just not it. It is a very insightful film with great character development and really warm moments.

Dana (ag) wrote: Not the best in the series, but still a humdinger!

Christopher B (ca) wrote: Great to see all these stars together, wonderful cinematography & locations... but a mediocre script which editing had no chance of saving. Ustinov might have made an adequate Poirot had he not come to the character so late in life. As it stands, he was a poor choice to portray the Belgian detective whom Mrs. Christie had so perfectly described in books.

Emily D (it) wrote: Drew Barrymore is a delight. I could watch her in anything. Jimmy Fallon sort of works as a leading man, but his acting can be a bit clunky - he's definitely improved in the last 10 years, talk show host is a better fit.

Van K (us) wrote: the moral is, try to make a different for someone you love. not just for fun.