Por mis pistolas

Por mis pistolas

Fidencio Barrenillo goes to Arizona in search of an old silver mine that belonged to his great-grandfather.

Fidencio Barrenillo (Cantinflas) un boticario de pueblo en la frontera norte de México descubre unos viejos títulos de propiedad de una mina en Arizona y decide ir a reclamarlos. Al tratar de cruzar la frontera es interceptado por un guardia fronterizo que exagera en el cumplimiento de su deber. En el trayecto es capturado por una tribu de apaches y está a punto de ser quemado vivo, pero gracias a que el Gran Jefe Caballo Recostado tiene dolor de muelas y se entera que el prisionero lo puede sanar, ordena su liberación con la condición de que lo cure. Fidencio le saca la muela y obtiene la amistad eterna del Jefe apache. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Loc M (gb) wrote: Kinda disapointed by this japanese remake. Japan can do way better scary movies without copying americans.

Renee R (gb) wrote: just love seeing zooey deschanel movies!

kyo 9 (kr) wrote: huh? I don't know why but I kinda like this movie.. simple as it is.. but there is a message that wish to spread on this film..

Your Movie S (es) wrote: Like Mike was actually entertaining despite of the stupidity - it was funny and watchable.

beboo g (it) wrote: awesome! funny! watch it!

Joey S (kr) wrote: Got to be one of my favorite golf movies.

Nico M (jp) wrote: This was a great comedy which still brings a smile to one's face when watching it today. It is the classic fish out of water tale when an Australian man from the Outback visits New York City. Lots of laughs all around.

Jason R (mx) wrote: I must be wrong about this film. I think my expectations were all out of sorts going into it. I wasn't expecting a camp classic, so I didn't know what to do with the film's outrageous sense of humor. That being said, von Sternberg is also such an earnest stylist that it's difficult to reconcile the impending sense of aesthetic rapture I'm supposed to feel with the guffaws that the script is aiming for. Half way through, I started to imagine a remake starring Steve Martin and Madeline Kahn, directed by Woody Allen. But maybe that would be redundant, and a subsequent screening might make this clear to me. Is this somehow Dietrich's fault? Is she comedienne enough to pull this part off? I thought her doe-eyed performance in the first half wasn't convincing, but maybe she's just vamping the doe-eyed stereotype?

horse c (gb) wrote: Heart-Warming & Uplifting

Toby S (de) wrote: Best English Gangstar Movie,dont think 'sting' can act though

Harry W (ag) wrote: Though unsure whether to expect comedy or drama from Welcome to Me, the presence of Kristen Wiig in the lead was enough of a hook to draw me in.I must say that the title of the film is quite misleading because it is an experience I did not enjoy, therefore it did not in fact leave me feeling welcome in any way. Within the universe of Welcome to Me, the characters are all left feeling awkward as a result of the titular talk show yet also moved by what they see. The audience of the film itself are challenged to feel the same way, and while some will find the oddball premise to be a dramatic spin on a comic premise, others will find it a little too awkward to embrace. For me, I couldn't exactly figure out what was supposed to be moving. I felt sorry for the main character, but I didn't get any sense that the film actually had anything at all to say about her. The gimmick of giving a woman with borderline personality disorder is used in a manner which is loosely realistic, but as a result there is little in the way of dramatization or humour within the situations that occur. I found no depth in the film, no development in the narrative and by the end of it I found that essentially nothing and happened. So I had to ask myself "what is the point?". What is the point of making a film if one has nothing to say? It clearly couldn't be for monetary gain because the dark tone of the film is certainly not commercially viable. If it was an exercise in experimental filmmaking I can hardly see how because the direction of the story is so misguided that it's almost surreal, and the style of the film has nothing really to boast about. There are moments where the cinematography is rather atmospheric and it does get up close with Kristen Wiig to capture everything about her facial expressions, but it a more consistently follows a meandering path with no specific visual panache. It's obvious that director Shira Piven and writer Eliot Laurence have had little prior experience in major film production since neither of them appear capable of wringing any actual material in creating a film, and since the feature only goes for 88 minutes it's clear that they're aware of how little they were capable of stretching it all. But even then it is 88 minutes too long when the material is being considered. It isn't a matter of there being little material to film, it's a matter of the fact that there is literally nothing. It is all concept and no content whatsoever, nothing is put into play to support the zany premise of the film. Nothing but a collection of strange vignettes loosely woven together by their connection to the main character. The web that ties it all together is so thin that it breaks apart many times, leaving a collection of scenes which make little sense.Essentially, whatever tone the film was going for in terms of drama or dark comedy didn't work because there was no deep exploration to justify the drama and nothing funny to call the film a comedy. Among the few redeemable elements of the actual experience are the efforts of Academy Award nominee Kristen Wiig taking on the main part.Kristen Wiig's leading performance is the main reason to see Welcome to Me. The film is very blunt and very awkward, and that is very much the style of persona that Kristen Wiig is known for. Accomplished as a comic actress, Kristen Wiig proved in The Skeleton Twins (2014) that she has the ability to work in very solid dramatic material. As odd as that proves to be in Welcome to Me, Kristen Wiig is able to establish the right state of mind for the role by capturing a sense of aimlessness and misguided direction. She is able to isolate the character Alice Klieg from the world around her and create an awkward mood as a result, effectively capturing the mystique of her borderline personality disorder. Everything comes so organically to her, relaying a feeling that everything is normal in her eyes. Her performance is one which really gets her lost in the mind of the character, lost within a world that nobody else can understand until she faces the challenge of reaching out to others which is accomplished with unpredictable bursts of emotional tension which come from nowhere yet manage to seem so natural with her in the role. Once again, Kristen WIig is an impressive lead.Welcome to Me boasts the gimmick of a large collection of talented actors all roped together into bringing the premise to life. However, few of the cast members are truly utilized. To name a few, popular comedian Sarah Silverman's presence is reduced to a mere cameo of little effective relevance. And Jennifer Jason Leigh whom I have a strong admiration for receives screen time so minimal she is easy to miss or forget about even though she is good at what she does. The only prominent supporting actress who fits the recognized profile is Joan Cusack whose blunt line delivery in the face of awkward material brings the film closer to effective comic relief than anything else in the rest of this blundered production. She captures her role with ease.James Marsden proves to fit his role easily by keeping the drama flowing as a reaction to the odd story being built up as well as sharing a strong chemistry with Kristen Wiig. Tim Robbins and Wes Bentley also make effective cast members while Alan Tudyk is always a genial presence due to his instinctively friendly demeanour.So Welcome to Me serves as a front for the growing dramatic talents of Kristen Wiig, but its lack of depth or humour leaves it to walk through an awkward tone bereft of any actual substance or direction.