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Andy P (de) wrote: This was almost a good movie. The most original Found Footage idea I've seen apart from Paranormal Activity but it just never quite gets there. The acting is good and the cast works so well together, I wouldn't be surprised if they are actually good friends in real life. Nothing feels like a performance until the 3rd act when the "scares" are supposed to be real and not just Fun housey... The movie seems to end abruptly without any real definitive ending. No Who What When Where or why, and it leaves you wholly unsatisfied for a film that could have been much more. They seem to be focused on the female in this film as if to set her up as a lead, however her skills are lackluster and in the closing seen you can't tell if she's terrified or just constipated. Good try.

Modi M (ca) wrote: Add it to your bucket list of movies to watch :)

Joe A (gb) wrote: Rewatched this and feel, I was a bit too harsh on this and have re-evaluated my thinking on it... Madison County's biggest fault as a horror film is not what it does but, what it doesn't do. And that is deviate at all from the backwoods horror sub-genre formula. The movie follows the clich (C)' blueprint of getting five attractive twenty-somethings to a secluded rural area where they can be placed in proximity with the trademarked deranged locals. In this case they are going to research a book about a serial killer who may, or may not exist in secluded rustic Madison County. Director/writer Eric England seems to have seen enough of these films to put one together competently on a technical level. There is some nice production value for a flick reportedly made for around $70,000. The visuals are fine and creepy and he does create some nice atmosphere and some tension. His cast of young attractive characters are likable enough and there is some blood once things get going. But, England follows the formula so closely that there aren't many surprises. You know the locals are suspicious and strange for a reason and that there really is no question as to whether the killer really exists. His leads while likable are not overly interesting. The locals are generic creepy hillbillies and the villains are never given enough screen time to build their characters and thus aren't that frightening. They never rise above the clich (C)' evil redneck stereotype and we just can't generate enough interest in them to care or be afraid. Even the pig masked killer, Damien Ewell, that is the main nut job, is very ho hum even when on the attack. It's as if England thought a pig mask was enough to create character and menace. And, as far as these films go, Madison County is bit too tame. In this case a little over the top would have been welcome as nothing grabs us, shocks us or horrifies us. There is blood but, it is basically some routine stabbings and ax wounds. And since we've waited till the last act to get to the good stuff, we feel a bit cheated by what little we get and how soon it's over. (With credits County is barely over 80 minutes.) If you are going to present a classic scenario like this, shake things up a bit (ex. Cabin In The Woods). Or at the very least, throw all the classic elements at us with a bit of good old fashioned ferocity. For a horror flick, Madison County is far too laid back. No, I don't think Eric England is a bad filmmaker, he can create tension and atmosphere and I've seen far worse then his Madison County but, he needs to learn that innovation is far more effective then imitation when it comes to the horror movies he obviously enjoys. And if you can't innovate, throw some blood and carnage in our faces to keep us awake. Madison County is still a mildly enjoyable horror but, I think England has the potential to deliver much more.

Michael D (gb) wrote: never feel sorry for a man who owns a plane ~ Anthony Hopkins

Daniel H (ca) wrote: Some really poor acting and it ticks all the boxes of your typical disater movie. That said, it's aways great to see London on film.

Fong K (us) wrote: Vulgar and whining; if Noah Baumbach wants his characters to be quirky, he sure has succeeded considerably to make them obnoxious people we do not care about. An utter disappointment .

Sandy C (ca) wrote: one star for kumiko shaku in latex.

William M (ag) wrote: This might possibly be good.....Hope it is

Luis Raul M (de) wrote: muy buen relato de los ultimos momentos de la callas y como de la decadencia de la GRAN ARTISTA QUE FUE, surge de nuevo hacia su despedida pero no de los escenarios si no de la vida!

Riku F (ag) wrote: My Favorite Movie from Shahrukh Khan. I love the songs and the story is a bit interesting. It is very dramatic.

Hillary M (au) wrote: Liked it. Macauley Culkin was surprisingly good. As was Seth Green. they worked well together.

Nikki M (au) wrote: Great actors in this movie and they played their roles very well. It was just good. I wasn't jumping up and down about it.

James B (fr) wrote: Solid, low-budget sequel is bound to please fans of the original film, clearly the makers care about the material, their ambitions are so high though that they can't quite pull this off, Megan Ward is a great addition to the cast.

Jos M (ru) wrote: It is usually over-produced and over-long, but Funny Girl is widely improved by star-maker performance by Barbra Streisand. She is natural in every move, funny, compelling, heartbreaking, all at once if it is needed. She's the reason to watch Funny Girl.

Quiche E (jp) wrote: Un monument qui a prit un sacre coup de vieu dans la tronche !

Armando P (mx) wrote: Mediocre, just that.