Põrgupõhja uus Vanapagan

Põrgupõhja uus Vanapagan

The way Saint Peter explains it to the Devil who's knocking on Heaven's door to collect his share of souls: there will be no more souls, as God has come to doubt if humans are really meant ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1964
  • Language:Estonian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

The way Saint Peter explains it to the Devil who's knocking on Heaven's door to collect his share of souls: there will be no more souls, as God has come to doubt if humans are really meant ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Salim I (fr) wrote: I'm showing it no mercy, it was that bad. I felt like the characters were either drunk or high on cocaine. In fact, I had a suspicion that one character licked a mysterious substance. The jokes were clichd and unfunny and it is just an ugly picture to watch. If I can only sympathize with a little kid, the characters have problems here. Which reminds me, the characters are either pretentious or narcissistic. Plus, this film is really mean spirited, even for a PG-13 kids film. I really hated this one. Fuck you Nickelodeon!

NEMESIS D (kr) wrote: "this is not a film about saving the environment, it's a film about saving ourselves, because whatever ones environmental, political, or religious opinion, whatever ones race, sex or economic standing, whoever of us goes without water for a week, cries blood."

Marc L (us) wrote: Une realisation-fleuve (plus de trois heures!) sur la formation et les agissements de la Fraction Armee Rouge japonaise durant les annees 60 et 70. Melange de fiction et d'images d'achives, le film retranscrit brillamment le fonctionnement rigide et autoritaire de ce groupuscule d'extreme gauche, le fanatisme de ses leaders et les doutes, cruellement punis, de certains de ses membres. Une voix-off intervient d'ailleurs a plusieurs reprises pour repreciser certains elements ou les recadrer dans leur contexte historique. Vu la multiplicite des personnages et le manque de connaissances prealables - du moins en ce qui me concerne - relatives a l'activisme de gauche japonais, cette aide n'est pas de refus ! Sans doute trop long et trop austere pour captiver le spectateur europeen qui ne serait pas justement en train de rediger une these sur le sujet, on peut neanmoins saluer l'ambition et la precision de cette production, qui aurait indeniablement gagnee a etre plus concise et rythmee (a l'instar du recent "Baader-Meinhof komplex")

Dennis W (nl) wrote: For being able to turn a controversial issue (the disenfranchisement of groups of voters) into an entertaing, engaging, and informative piece, this film dserves accolades. Though independent, the production is very clean and appropriately stylish. Music, news clips and personal interviews are all used with strong results. The pace of the film is qauick, but cleverly tries to avoid drowning the novice in information; this is a piece that one can genuinely gain both basic facts and perspective by watching. The interesting angle that the movie takes is largely responsible for this. Rather than just follow a period with the main point in it (which could've also been effective), filmmakers largely focus on a main character whose involvement with the issue makes the concepts more personal and understandable. Non-satirical political films shouldn't be this engrossing... almost fiction-like. A grand, but underdog heroine... a broad, powerful conspiracy... the greater good of the community coming into and out of focus... histories of power struggles... "the story seems almost unreal".

Cassiel N (ru) wrote: Good fun... unfortunately a little bit of a hash-job for those of us who love and adore the manga

Tim S (ru) wrote: undoubtedly the inspiration for "Mary and Max"

Silver A (mx) wrote: who is the beautiful guy with shoulder length hair and cheekbones dancing in the club scene with a woman with short blonde hair

bill s (ca) wrote: Feels long and drawn out for 88 minutes.....that's not good.

James M (es) wrote: Moderately funny and entertaining parody of the Elizabeth Taylor epic.

Federico F (gb) wrote: sci-fi thrillers of the great old era, with the touch action of Woo