A group of campers are stalked by a deranged redneck with a pig mask.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A group of campers are stalked by a deranged redneck with a pig mask. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian N (es) wrote: Its kind of a cheesy horror film. It was sort of a unique story, but targeted for that teen hipster horror crowd. There were a few interesting moments here and there, it was entertaining. Alycia Debnam-Carey from Fear the Walking Dead was good. Its a good rainy day nothing on flick.

Barnaby G (kr) wrote: A brilliant exposure of the utter failure of the US's 'War on Drugs'. Shocking revelations that the supposed war is actually an attempt to suppress the poor and hopeless.

Brooks C (ru) wrote: Korean Cinema, or K-movies as they are called today, have gained much attention by many moviegoers and filmmakers. Asian films are known for their distinctive styles, dynamics in character development, great cinematography, and are most effective in engulfing the audience with their use of silent moments. Director Kim Ki-Duk is one of those directors that are most inspired in combining these styles to make very inspired motion pictures. 3-Iron is one of his films that reflect his true style through a difference in storytelling. A benevolent vagabond, Tae-suk wonders the streets of Seoul. He burglarizes the homes of vacationing families, but never resorts to anything immoral in the process. He dwells within these homes and fixes broken appliances, cleans laundry, and tidies up the place. His act later leads him to the home of a rich, yet abusive husband, Lee Min-kyu. While doing what he does, Tae-suk comes into contact with the estranged wife, Sun-hwa. Saving her from the confines of her ill-tempered husband, they drift off into hiding and they both begin to discover feelings of affection. As their feelings for one another start to develop their actions start to lead them in trouble, but the optimistically clever Tae-suk evades his hindrances from Sun-hwa. Out of a lot of movies I've seen where relationships are developed through criminal acts, 3-Iron is a new and different take on that style of character development. Like most of Kim's better-known blockbusters, the two main characters never or hardly ever speak and are expressed through movement. Kim's style encompasses art and feeling. Any director who relies less on dialogue and more on visuals to convey a particular atmosphere are very talented. Kim Ki-Duk has admitted that his overall style is meant to show the viewer humanities' true nature of malevolence. Most of the story to 3-Iron feels very folklore inspired. Almost like the more active, yet silent characters are the voices of reason in a world where words tend to create mystery and confusion. Only those who are silent can be trusted. 3-Iron is more like one of the alter egos of Kim Ki-Duk's more famous movies. He's mostly been well known for his more isolated settings and wide shots of scenery. Other movies he's made in more populated settings include Bad Guy, Samaritan Girl, and Time. Each goes for their own theme and engulfs the audience in different ways using different dynamics. 3-Iron uses music and folklore like narrative to give the audience a sense of conflict as to what kind of world we live in. From the way I described the plot, it sounds as if 3-Iron is a love story. It's much more than that. It is more about trying to deal with circumstances and trying to overcome one's fears in the process. Another thing it deals with is trying to be the figure of responsibility in a world where everything feels chaotic and sardonic. 3-Iron is a great film that may not be as great as Kim Ki-Duk's early works, but is one that should be shared and treasured for K-movie fans. Films of this nature are as wonderfully engulfing as looking at a series of connected paintings. Love him or hate him, Kim Ki-Duk is a director of classic cinema that is less about script and more about art to tell an effective story.

B W (ca) wrote: Foxx is Ray Charles in this film. So well done, well thought out, well acted I would scratch my head at anyone that rated it below a 5/5. Get your popcorn ready on this one!

Ryan C (ca) wrote: Great film expanded from a short. It really feels like the perfect length.

Matt K (ru) wrote: Nope, not a good movie. ...but somehow a great movie.

Ben W (it) wrote: mala noche has the wonderful, low-budget guerilla filmmaking quality. van sants first feature length in 85 is an excellent indication of what he is capable of. he focuses in on lifes fringes, but still manages to give us interesting characters even if they are broad.

Sam E (mx) wrote: Capricorn One had a cool plot and was quite well-done. The mystery and suspense behind the entire conspiracy was accurately captured as well. The film, however,fell short on Bru Baker's co-astronauts; both men lacked any real character development and their roles ended abruptly. It would have been better to see more teamwork in their inevitable escape.

Oscar H (ag) wrote: Standard-femtiotalsscifi med ett extremt mrkligt monster. Det handlar som vanligt om hemskheter orsakade av krnvapen, en vacker ungm som bor hemma hos sin dominante far som i sin tur lovar bort henne till den modige hjlten. Sjlvfallet delas en och annan rfil ut fr att kvinnorna ska "veta sin plats". Paul Birch slr vrldsrekord i att ha byxorna hgt upp, men Lori Nelson r st. Slutet innebr ett fr genren sedvanligt antiklimax.

Andrew M (nl) wrote: Everything Must Go is somewhat hilarious and heartwarming. I don't think this is one of Will Ferrell's best movies. But overall, this movie is not horrible. It is a good movie. I would suggest this movie.

John B (mx) wrote: The military training part in the beginning is the best but then it goes downhill from there. Overall, it was a decent war film.