The story of Karl, Christian and Leo will forever change the way you view the relationship between men and women. In a world were women have the power and all the advantages, they've learned that there is only room for one kind of man - the kind that shaves his balls. In a competition to beat Casanova, they fall victim to their own most charming and destructive in a game all men and women are doomed to lose. Pornopung is a dark and entertaining journey through the forefront of modern seduction and sexuality. It will make the most ardent feminist admit that they've won the war of the sexes.

The novice Christian discovers a new world when big-time pick up artists Karl and Leo decide to teach him the tricks of their trade and change him into the kind of guy girls want to sleep with. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pornopung torrent reviews

Paul L (jp) wrote: Despite the film's slow pace and silent soundtrack, each scene is so engaging that you will very quickly become totally engrossed. Fascinating, moving, and thought provoking " a real hidden gem of a movie that will linger with you long after the credits role.

Deb S (fr) wrote: The dramatization of the events surrounding the Mountain Meadows Massacre of the ill-fated wagon train pulls no punches nor waters down the horror of the events that occurred on that other September 11th (of 1857). My only hope is that the film portrayed what happened as accurately as possible and does not provoke the very anger and fear and paranoia it seems to be aiming to depict, on both sides of the fence. There is no defense for the men who committed the act for we can never know what it was like for either the victims or the perpetrators of such a heinous crime but to have this atrocity horribly blamed on the Pauite Indians is sad indeed. Jon Voight is darn scary in his role as an overzealous Mormon bishop and Terence Stamp gave a superb performance as well. I felt repulsed by the movie as I watched it but I'll recommend it for those avid "History Buff" fans.

Stefanie D (kr) wrote: Hilarious cheesey horror with much American teenage death at the hands of homicidal copper. Brilliant.

Ryan K (nl) wrote: One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Chris B (kr) wrote: Has everything, soundtrack, stars and fighter jets.

Lars J (nl) wrote: Vojne, vojne... den hr

D M (es) wrote: Jim Carrey teen sex comedy with a vampire. Desperate to get some, Jim ventures to a nightclub where he is picked up by an older woman who happens to be vampire Countess.Not very entertaining, despite a few funny moments; on par with the similarly-themed My Best friend is a vampire. Laura Hutton is the highlight.

Scott R (gb) wrote: Thoughtful and entertaining, but a little contrived in making a symbolic statement about the Artic wilderness.

Alfin N (us) wrote: A high school musical (rehearsals, mainly) in 1976 Wales, directed by a new female drama teacher who sets to prove other older teachers are all wrong, starring a bunch of way-too-old looking kids.

Cullen Y (de) wrote: This movie is HILARIOUS. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are the perfect duo, and this is clearly shown through their excellent acting! If you want to laugh for 1 and a half hours straight, then watch this movie!