The basic story of a young criminal not quite living up to his won ideals of "not to give a damn" sidesteps out of his criminal career while dragging his younger brother into it, could have been interesting. Unfortunately the implementation is simply not good enough. As so often with Danish movies, there is little appreciation for detail thus leaving us with hoodlums talking like they've done time at a business academy rather than a prison. Dialects completely out of here and idiosyncratic bikers without bikes or even character for that matter. An ever accelerating surrealism towards the end doesn't help to clear the slow pace of this film but it does give a glimpse of what the story could have unfolded to become.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prison,   wedding,   drug use,  

This gritty crime drama is a poignant tale of a family that failed and follows two brothers - violent drug criminals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennie R (gb) wrote: This was a great movie out of Spain. Humorous but not corny. Every actor did their part to make this a classic. I was thoroughly entertained. Parts of it reminded me of "Young Frankenstein". This is a must see for Horror Fans.

Panos Y (au) wrote: Well, it's a big alien spider rampaging through the city, so not much more to say there. Only as a background playing through dinner or a party.

Jay B (mx) wrote: Handful of great laughs, but super boring otherwise. When I see Gervais and Merchant in control of a project, I expect a lot. This film ONLY shined when they were on screen... and that was maybe 10 minutes.

Kenneth O (br) wrote: worst movie I have ever seen, the lightning was KILLER,every special effect YOU could do. Every single line was so AWESOMELY bad.BEST movie iver ever bought

Ryan J (kr) wrote: Shit..where to start..Well, as soon as the film opened up with a terrible cgi'd helicopter, soldiers running around with only hand guns, and featured talking zombies, I shut this piece of shit off and broke it into 8 pieces. Sure, I owe the movie store like $6, but atleast I saved some people from excruciating pain.

Mandi L (de) wrote: Bottom line: The overall message is beautiful .....BUT: This film is kinda corny. It's like one of those terribly overdone Christian movies, only this one is open to many beliefs rather than just Christianity alone. It's philosophical content is respectable in the sense that it gets the wheels turning, but it's also a little amateurish. What I liked about this film is that while the movie itself may feel a bit forced, the message is not. There is no pressure from some underlying propaganda trying to religiously "convert" the viewer's beliefs. Also if you like the Davinci Code, then you'll probably like this one.Overall, decent movie...worth watching.

Kenny O (ca) wrote: An Average Aussie Flick!!!!

tinkabell (br) wrote: i like this movie its the bomb

Samuel H (fr) wrote: Miss Minoes is a charming and albeit absurd tale of a cat who becomes a woman. Its hysterical at times, but thats about all it has going for it.

Amir D (mx) wrote: Decent movie, the ending about wrapped everything up. Kind of choppy though and i did not understand what was going on the entire time.

Domaaki B (de) wrote: What if anyone does listen the soundtrack " In the arm of angels" as like I've done. I do believe you all will be thought of this movie again even if you would watch it.

Allen B (fr) wrote: A well made, if somewhat uneven film. It's very dialogue heavy, almost like a play, but the conversations are for the most part interesting. The ending is where it gets a bit muddled though, which is unfortunate. Still, Spike Lee is clearly a master of his craft, or was at least. The scenes of the guys singing are strangely entertaining, especially the "rap" they do where they introduce themselves and their situations. A good film.

Mason B (ru) wrote: The real tragedy of Stargate is that for the first forty minutes it is a decent and fun film. Don't get me wrong, it's full of plot holes, cliches and contrivances, but there's still a great feeling of fun and discovery. The film begins with a down-on-his-luck egyptologist played by James Spader, who is the typical awkward, bumbling yet brilliant nerd that you've seen in many other movies. Fortunately James Spader plays him very well. He is taken to a top secret military base because he's apparently the only scientist in the world who can decipher the hieroglyphics on the Stargate, a round metal object that can transport people across the universe. He is and a group of soldiers led by Kurt Russell decide to travel through the Stargate to see what's on the other side. So far so good. Up until this point I had been watching the screen in anticipation because I wanted to know what was on the other side of the Stargate, despite the many flaws the film had already exhibited. It is shortly after entering the Stargate that the film seems to run completely out of ideas, and quickly becomes a very standard action-adventure. The second half of Stargate brings nothing imaginative to the screen, and piles on stereotypes and stupidity. It happens so gradually it's actually like watching a film devolve. And to top it all off it makes absolutely no sense, with every new development just raising more questions and creating several plot holes. By the end of the film I had become numb to the stunning predictability of it all. Stargate is a film that maddeningly takes it's interesting concept and removes every bit of creativity from it.


Sophia Q (ag) wrote: This movie gets points for an adorable Divya Bharti and beautiful music. Otherwise, it's a pretty lame affair. Not bad - just slightly lame. Over-dramatic. Nonsensical. =o)

Loc F (us) wrote: smashing film with some clever lil entertaining moments. loved the manga gore touch too :-)

Tony L (ca) wrote: Whether in the past or the present, "Premonition" finds itself lost in mediocrity!

Bruce B (br) wrote: A Hammer Films Production thats is over the top, With Christopher Lee who said maybe 10 words during the whole movie, but still one of the best vampire movies of the seventies I have seen, And Linda Hayden put herself over the top as a beautiful women of the seventies. A 4 star film with a good story line.

Debra M (es) wrote: the Original Trailer Trash on Parade...

Kevin M W (br) wrote: Inventive Brit bit about the life at the North Pole where the Claus family is at odds with one another, each with their own particular and opposing viewpoints. Can they leave their differences and unite to save Christmas? Of course they do, its a Christmas movie f'cryingoutloud. The fun is in the getting there, and there's plenty of that here. You will believe a reindeer can fly. No, really. They can. Its how Santa gets around. Whatta you mean you don't believe?!?