Portrait of a Zombie

Portrait of a Zombie

When son, Billy, becomes a zombie the family chooses to take care of him in the home much to the chagrin of the neighbors and the local crime boss.

The film staring Patrick Murphy, Geraldine McAlinden, Rory Mullen is directed by Bing Bailey. It is about a life of Billy who becomes a zombie after an attack. Because his parent decide to take care of him at home, it makes the neighbours angry and the local criminals annoyed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mauricio M (gb) wrote: Dirige Spike Lee, conduce (?) Mike Tyson. Al mejor estilo Jack La Motta, Tyson repasa los ires y venires de su vida, desde ladrn callejero de Brooklyn, pasando por su consolidacion como campeon mundial y su descenso al infierno de las drogas y excesos.

Rocio G (us) wrote: I strongly recommend this movie! It's really good!!

Jason M (ag) wrote: Overall, this movie isn't very good. It starts out oddly, gets slightly better, but then there are too many cut scenes that mess up the flow of the movie. The ending is horrible, nothing happens! There aren't really any "jump-out" scary moments or any other typical things as in a horror movie. The movie drags on too much making it an unbearable 1 1/2 hours. If you do decide to watch this, watch it in at least 2 parts. The directing is actually decent, but the storyline is uneventful.

Vanessa B (it) wrote: Pour sa deuxime r (C)alisation, Roschdy Zem frappe fort en s'attaquant l'affaire Omar Raddad qui a fait couler beaucoup d'encre dans les ann (C)es 90. Avec beaucoup d'authenticit (C) et de sobri (C)t (C), Sami Bouajila incarne ce jardinier marocain accus (C) du meurtre de sa patronne, Ghislaine Marchal, en 1991. Entre zones d'obscurit (C) dans le dossier, demandes d'analyse ADN toujours rejet (C)es l'heure actuelle, meurtre potentiellement antidat (C), impossibilit (C) de r (C)aliser une autopsie et incompr (C)hension du suspect qui ne parlait pas franais lors de son arrestation, "Omar m'a tuer" prend le parti d'Omar Raddad sans trop verser dans le plaidoyer. Adapt (C) du roman d'Omar Raddad, "Pourquoi moi ?", ce film de Roschdy Zem est servi par des acteurs de talent, Sami Bouajila en tte, et r (C)vle l'importance d'une affaire qui a bris (C) un homme. Parmi ses soutiens, son avocat, Ma (R)tre Vergs, mais aussi un (C)crivain, Pierre-Emmanuel Vaugrenard, dont on suit en quelque sorte la contre-enqute au long du film. Simplement mais brillamment r (C)alis (C), "Omar m'a tuer", qui fait r (C)f (C)rence bien sr l'inscription en lettres de sang trouv (C)e sur les lieux du crime et qui voulait accuser clairement Oma Raddad donne le sentiment qu'une erreur judiciaire doit tre r (C)par (C)e. L o le film r (C)ussit (C)galement c'est qu'il manie brillamment une (C)motion distill (C)e tout au long du film et Sami Bouajila est trs touchant. Pour l'histoire, grci (C) en 1996 par Jacques Chirac et lib (C)r (C) deux ans plus tard, Omar Raddad a pass (C) 7 ans en prison (sur les dix-huit ann (C)es de r (C)clusion pr (C)vues) et demanderait toujours aujourd'hui des expertises ADN comme le laisse entendre l' (C)pilogue du film.

Katelynn P (es) wrote: All of the Inuyasha movies are great and so is the TV show!!

Travis F (br) wrote: An emotional, low-budget documentary with highly compelling subject material.

JoJo M (nl) wrote: intresting movie..i am wondering if there's like it in reality!

Margara M (au) wrote: cul es el costo de la felciidad? hmmm suuper entretenida

Sarah S (gb) wrote: Have seen it but cannot remember the film, had a big crush on Devon Sawa though lol

Aaron R (it) wrote: The last standup film of Richard Pryor, which unfortunately begins to foreshadow his eventual decline due to M.S. from 1986-1991. Still a very funny routine, but the longwinded, aimless impressions are slow and subdued and do not carry the momentum and sheer hilarity of his earlier work. Still, a strong piece of work by a true comedic master.

Jaime L (ru) wrote: Was a decent flick, certainly brilliantly shot both in action and cinematography but it felt too much like a poorer Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for me to give too high a score.

Ethan K (fr) wrote: This fun and bright Disney musical continues on with more Latin-American tunes brought by Disney, and also features some entertaining sketches such as "The Cold-Blooded Penguin" and "The Flying Gauchito". Donald Duck never fails to please me.

Kaity J (de) wrote: Good movie! I feel like this is one of those that gets lost with time...not technically notable enough or groundbreaking enough to be remembered...but again, it's one of those WWII era movies that I discovered on TCM one night and fell in love. I love Claudette, and I think this is one of her better roles. The cast is just pretty wonderful all around, when you think about it. Hattie McDaniel...Shirley Temple when she was out of her "little cute girl" stage...it's worth it.

Leigh G (kr) wrote: How do I get involved in these so easily!Thoroughly enjoyable, and should be noted in the annals of history for two reasons other than a cornfield singalong of "Oh What A Beautiful Morning": - Ado Annie's antics and aesthetics.. risqu for the era maybe (both 1906 *and* 1955) but funny nonetheless! - Curly v Jud Fry - what must be the shortest hero/villain climax scene in history, followed closely by the shortest trial!...but I suppose you can't get too serious after 2.5 hours of frivolity! Goond show!

ML B (fr) wrote: The only reason I don't give this five stars is because I can't decide who's performance is better Hoffman or McQueen's. One of the forgotten gave films.

Logan M (kr) wrote: Sure dolls are creepy, but scary movies about them have become one of horror's most overused gimmicks.