Portraits chinois

Portraits chinois

Ada and Lise are both costume designers, the first is around 20, the other around 30. Both are working hard on their break through. There are also jobs for the movies. This is where Lise meets producer Alphonse, who is nearly 20 years older than she. Because he is unhappy with his girlfriend a secret relationship evolves. Ada has problems as well, but she's not the only one. There are also the young Emma and Nina, as well as Yves and Guido - enough people to get into complicated relationship entanglements.

Ada and Lise are both costume designers, the first is around 20, the other around 30. Both are working hard on their break through. There are also jobs for the movies. This is where Lise ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Margarita S (es) wrote: A very cool concept. Great look and feel - the colours and shots. It's also well cast. On the minus side, too many ideas are jammed into this action film, so nothing's really explored with any depth. Real shame. The romantic angle was also frustratingly unnecessary to advance the story. To make it worse, the chemistry between Seyfried and Timberlake was non-existent.

Tallahassee F (it) wrote: This movie sets a new baseline for the word 'terrible'. Whatever fun is promised by the premise is absent from this movie. In its place are a bunch of ridiculous scenes with terrible actors trying to... shit, I don't know. Talk to each other about the weather I guess. My point is the story and dialogue are so boring that the FDA had them placed under the same distribution regulations as Dramamine. You might think the actions scenes of the titular Mega Shark battling his costar Giant Octopus must be worth the wait, right? Not so nonexistent person who gives enough of a shit about this movie to read the reviews. Footage of the creatures is frequently reused. Actually, saying that it is 'frequently' reused is like saying World War II was "a minor misunderstanding". Even a scene where our eponymous shark manages to leap 25,000 feet out of the water to eat a plane can't save this piece of shit. My advice: go watch Road House if you want a good bad movie.

Jonny P (au) wrote: "In Search of Beethoven" is a comprehensive look at the famed composer that sets the events of his life within the context of his music and not vice versa. Since it focuses on the compositions of Beethoven, little time is spent examining his childhood. Although I wanted more of the younger years, it makes sense within the context of what the movie is trying to accomplish and I appreciate that film wasn't any longer! 2 hours and 18 minutes was the perfect amount of time to get in depth with the life and music of Beethoven, but any more would have begun to feel tiresome. With over 60 live performances, this film brings the music to life as if we were concertgoers in the early 19th century. While it takes time to interview historians about Beethoven's life, it also interviews expert performers like Emanuel Ax to give a perspective on what it is like to tackle a Beethoven piano concerto or violin sonata. While non-musicians might find this documentary to be a bit dry, it is perfect for performers and appreciators of classical music.

peter h (de) wrote: CULT MOVIE MONTH REVIEW #:035 ALIEN VS HUNTER [2007]: another one of The Asylums "wonderful" early Mock-Busters appears on my viewing list this month. This time it's ALIEN VS HUNTER, the studios cheap rip-off of ALIEN VS PREDATOR and the title alone is a warning that this movie stinks to high heaven. This Low-Budget Sic-Fi Thriller is just dull, consisting of a cast less than 25 people at the most and all deliver performances that are more wooden than the trees surrounding them, shot in and around a North American Woodland area, and complete with Asylums piece de rsistance shitty CGI effects ALIEN VS HUNTER it's sadly not a so-bad-it's-so-good movie. This film is weak to say the least and irritating that someone thought that trying to have a serious film that is shot next to a bunch of trees and has a tacky CGI alien should be come across as grave for the main cast. It's a bad film, but then again this an Asylum film I'm reviewing so its gets of lightly with a wooden 30%.

Cameron C (br) wrote: The overall plot of the big year was highly unrealistic, but when a movie is that funny it's still a really good time.

Matthew B (us) wrote: worst zombie movie of 2009 just a weak movie from George A. Romero.

Riccardo R (ag) wrote: Un classico esempio di minestra riscaldata, peccato.La trama di questo film segue pari pari l'intreccio narrativo del suo predecessore e non mi ha regalato nulla di nuovo.Anche il ritmo incalzante e le battute che tanto mi erano piaciute nel primo capitolo, qui si sono perdute, proprio come le pagine del diario di John Wilkes Booth.Rimane comunque il fatto che un film ben realizzato tecnicamente parlando (trascurando la sceneggiatura), quindi mi sento di dargli la sufficienza.

Nicky N (ru) wrote: Alright,But Better Than The First.C+

Dan G (au) wrote: Decent film as far as post WWII "glory" films go. It's worth staying with until the inevitible flag-raising scene. I've only seen a few John Wayne films but I'd rate this second behind the Quiet Man. He was always a bit too one-dimensional of an actor for me.

Rachael N (br) wrote: Baz Luhrmann is absolutely amazing. I love Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge! so hopefully this will be as good as them. Great choice of actors aswell.

Calvin G (ca) wrote: This was better then Chronicles but the original Jack should have been in it!