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Posani Gentleman


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Michael W (es) wrote: This is a nicely executed part 1 through 9 of a 10 chapter story. I feel like the final movie will come out in a decade or two, and that one will include the real ending. This felt lacking in resolution, and therefore purpose.

Vincent T (ca) wrote: Un road-movie bien sympatoche avec un DeNiro toujours aussi bon

Theo M (kr) wrote: I wasn't that impressed...

Timothy M (ru) wrote: Good film adaptation. The fact that Brando and Sinatra hated each other off the set just added to the onset humor. But I have to say the part of Vivian Blane drives me nuts!

Anne H (mx) wrote: I don't find anything about acute alcoholism or those who are so unfortunate as to be involved in prostitution to be entertaining. This wasn't a love story - it was dysfunction. Although alcoholism & the perils of prostitutes were accurately depicted, the movie was not at all entertaining.

Reddick F (jp) wrote: A great piece of art about the problem of the devaluation of our elderly. Can also be seen as a commentary on generational struggles, as the antagonist ultimately saves the life of the elder out to make his life difficult. An absolutely wonderful performance by Hal Holbrook, his character is gripping to the very end. Language is a little rough for PG-13 rating.