Positive I.D.

Positive I.D.

A plain suburban housewife, the past victim of a brutal assault, is still having trouble coping with the incident a year later...

A plain suburban housewife, the past victim of a brutal assault, is still having trouble coping with the incident a year later. After seeing a story on the evening news, however, she ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nancy A (gb) wrote: I think everyone should watch this movie specially if you are pregnant or planning on it.

Jimmy C (kr) wrote: With great promises, this movie give itself too much without having the capacities to handle it. The result is beautiful, but fall rapidly in a big lack of bored lenghts.

Kevin M W (ag) wrote: Long on action, short on engagement, which makes for a high-body-count-but-who-cares-anyway sort of film. Walter Hill's got a beautiful redneck noir thing going here, a dusty Texas podunk town in the middle of nowhere,hoods dressed outta Capone's Chicago days, everyone talking tough (right on the edge of parody - only Walken seems to know, dipping his toes into it every once in awhile) and acting smart, but his characters fail to connect, dulling the possibilities. Then the gunplay starts again, right when you was starting to doze off, and it don't seem so bad then.

Ash D (it) wrote: Worst mistake of my life.

Christopher B (fr) wrote: Absurd scenarios mostly work. Caution: violence against women.

Calyre Z (nl) wrote: "Nous sommes tous des voleurs"

Jim H (fr) wrote: A voracious bastard pursues his love - among others - in a satirical exploration of British class structure and sexual politics.Henry Fielding is sometimes credited with inventing the modern novel, and his works read like an experiment in a new form; in Joseph Andrews the narrator actually tells the reader to skip the boring parts. And in Tom Jones it is clear that this is a faithful adaptation if only because the spirit of experimentation pervades. It is a romp, full of baudy humor and high-energy ballyhoo. The characters even break the fourth wall a few times. But when I read Fielding, I often feel like I'm looking at a child's creation out of Play-Doh and other people expect me to see Rodin. I felt the same way about this film. Yes, I like the satire - the blood spewing from the horses, whipped too a frenzy by fanatical hunters, and the so-called "ladies of quality" acting more whorish than a Kardashian - but director Tony Richardson crosses the line between mad-cap romp with a purpose and mad-cap romp for romp's sake. The ending is too convenient, the behavior too extreme to be taken seriously, Tom Jones is a film made out of Play-Doh.Overall, even though its heart is the right place, I think the film strays too far into unreality to have any real effect.

David L (ru) wrote: Man with a Movie Camera is one of the most famous documentary as well as experimental films. Its score is hit -or-miss (sometimes fitting, at times not) and it contains no plot or intertitles, but it has masterful direction from Dziga Vertov, iconic imagery and it is a tehnically inovative work - camera angles, jump cuts and split screens, to name a few, are all what makes this film such an advanced picture which seems very modern and which is obviously a classic and even art. It captures the cities, different people, settings and actions beautifully and with incredible editing and it is consequently one of the best documentaries ever.

Jesus C (fr) wrote: Well it has Sean Connery as a dragon.....and that's about it.

Jessica H (au) wrote: an amazing cast and a story that sometimes works.