A tough marshal with political ambitions leads an elite posse to capture a notorious criminal. He succeeds, but instead of cheering him, the public turns against him.

A tough marshal with political ambitions leads an elite posse to capture a notorious criminal. He succeeds, but instead of cheering him, the public turns against him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam R (ca) wrote: (First and only viewing - December 2009)

Jose T (ru) wrote: Buff, zzzz, zzzz,zzzz...

Jayakrishnan R (au) wrote: 74%Saw this on 18/1/16The horse racing is fabulously shot and rousing, but for most of the time, the movie squanders its subject with unnecessary family drama and too much human characters and too less of the horse in question. We see Secretariat only in the race tracks, all other time, it's just yet another horse. The film also fails from some rusty traditional touch and bad cheesy dialogue, however, the actors have done justice to their roles that its good to watch it even though its just yet another typical feel good movie.

Kevin S (gb) wrote: The first one wasn't bad but this one had the EXACT same story. except with worse actors. What a great idea that was.

Phil S (kr) wrote: At times charming, funny and by turns very dark movie about a well intentioned recovering alchoholic trying to cope with the crappy world around him. A very good central performance and quite compelling. Loses stars for an inconclusive ending (IMHO) and I could only understand 50% of the dialogue.

Clinton D (gb) wrote: Was very full on with the gay scenes, interesting story. Leo is superb once a again. River Pheonix was going to play Rimbaud.

(au) wrote: one of the first chick flicks i actually liked a lot!!

Xavier D (nl) wrote: I love this film. I hate comparing 'remakes' to their originals, I prefer to see them as stand alones inspired by the original story, told in a different way sharing a name. But it's quicker to say remake I guess. Dawn of the Dead '78 is the reason I like this genre, DotD '04 is why I still like. As far as running zombies go, I don't care, but it makes them much more a a threat... One of my favourite Directors, with some of the best actors about and a great soundtrack, good visuals, what more could you want? Might be my favourite Z film.Also loveable Ty Burrell does a great job at making you hate him as Steve.

Stu G (br) wrote: This may be one of the worst films ever. I couldn't believe the actors were so awful. I could only watch 10 mins of it and that was painful. Crap.

Matt G (jp) wrote: Whedon manages some good team-based-humor (ala Serenity) in his script, but otherwise the lack of build in the characters and story hurt this very un-Disney Disney film. It?s not awful, but it?s much too predictable and even kinda boring to really recommend?slightly worse than the other early-aughts Disney adventure Treasure Planet.

Jay L (ru) wrote: "You have reached the Vertical Limit.." A breathtakingly solid action film, Vertical Limit is straight forward, pure entertainment throughout. A wickedly realistic and jaw droppingly tense thrill ride that climbs to new heights and delivers on all fronts. Director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, The Green Lantern, Edge Of Darkness, The Mask Of Zorro, Beyond Borders) crafted quite a suspenseful film that's quite effective at sucking the air out your lungs and leaving you with a fear of heights if you weren't already. The action sequences were splendidly thrilling throughout, the special effects are solid, the story keeps your interest and gorgeous cinematography will blow your mind. Vertical Limit was a favorite of mine when I was younger just for the significant amount of thrills, chills and suspense. The acting could have been better, but I wasn't too worried about it. With performances from Bill Paxton, Chris O' Donnell, Robin Tunney and the always magnificent Scott Glenn.