Marion is a factory worker who hopes to trade the assembly line, for a beautiful penthouse apartment...

Ambitious factory Girl Marion Martin meets a handsome well-to-do, but he's interested in her as a mistress, not a wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Goldie F (ca) wrote: Funny, deep stories, entertaining, with an attractive cast

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Duncan M (de) wrote: As it was filmed where I work, yes, I would like to see it.

Terri H (mx) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Kristy P (br) wrote: Really cute, fun family Christmas movie. I enjoyed it more than I would have thought. I usually don't find the Sprouse boys are very good actors, but they did a good job in this.

Vikki R (fr) wrote: can neva beat jurassic park

Anthony V (au) wrote: was a pretty terrible movie, but had the equivalent of a low budget Jay from jay and silent bob in power armour. So automatically makes it better than dead noon

FilmGrinder S (fr) wrote: Plagued by all sorts of production and technical problems (and most likely drugs too). FUNNY MAN is a dark, sometimes mean, incoherent story, stocked full of goofyness and utter weirdness, and lawn gnomes... and I enjoyed it completely. The Funny Man character (who talks directly to the audience) steals the show (love him or hate) in this small but insane flick.

Private U (br) wrote: how'd you like that knife stuck up yo ass?

Will M (it) wrote: Could Betsy Drake have been Audrey Hepburn? They seem two birds of a feather, but you can see why the latter won the hearts of Hollywood while the former didn't. Betsy Drake is weird - she has a strange, deep, nasal voice, and she pursues the most psychotic subterfuge in an attempt to "land" Cary. Because the game is rigged, the ladies must play dirty. Funny and thought-provoking power games in an otherwise workaday romantic comedy.

Lee G (nl) wrote: The series was out of steam, budget and ideas by this point. Paul Williams' performance as the orangoutang "Virgil" is the only spark of life in this cheap, dreary and embarrassing last gasp of the original Apes franchise. John Huston's gravitas is wasted in a pointless wraparound device that is clearly aimed to teach young audiences something about peaceful coexistence *yawn*

Mohammed A (nl) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Cassandra W (ca) wrote: This was an amazing movie!!!! It kept myself and my fianc interested from beginning to end and my fianc is very hard to please when it comes to movies! We would absolutely love a sequel to this!