Possible Worlds

Possible Worlds

The same man lives out several parallel lives in different "worlds" and in different relationships at the same time.

A man lives in parallel worlds, falling in love with the same woman, while the police hunt down a serial killer who steals brains. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sunny G (nl) wrote: To be totally honest, I was kinda worried about this movie. However, they totally blew me out of the water with it. Darby Crash was one of the most interesting characters in the early LA punk scene, and the Germs were one of my personal favorites. Hint: Read the books We Got the Neutron Bomb, and Lexicon Devil before watching this. It just helps so you can tell what an amazing retelling they did.

Muhammad S (es) wrote: How Sandro opened the people's eyes.

Jose A (jp) wrote: Nice touching film. It had such a beautiful story and I think it was so much better than the first one.

Ahmed S (ag) wrote: To think that this is Michelle Rodriguez' first performance, makes this a much more special movie. She shines in every scene she's in and proves that she's not just a tough looking girl, she's also a fine actress who could convince an audience of the suffering the character's going through with just the look on her eyes. Girlfight is a tad overlong, but it brings to life realistic characters and realistic fights, making it, surprisingly, a very good movie.

George B (ca) wrote: seen on cable IFC. not your normal movie. its good to see just a story once in awhile

Carreh R (gb) wrote: A touching humorous look at gay and straight friendships, romances in the early days of HIV. Steve Buscemi is great in the role of Nick.

Brian S (kr) wrote: It's unfortunate that Orson Welles ain't as recognized as other movie-makers like Charlie Chaplin or Alfred Hitchcock, because he was an excellent filmmaker, and Citizen Kane will always be his best. It's a phenomenal landmark in cinema history, an entertaining, exceptionally well edited and well written movie, very memorable, powerful and gripping. One, if not, the best movie ever made. Recommended for sure!!

Apoorva G (br) wrote: full entertainment....beacame a fan of whoopie goldberg

Anthony M (it) wrote: Wreck it Ralph is the story of a villianin of a arcade game who decides that he wants too explore our of his game .wreck it Ralph is colorful and has a myriad of video game characters from actuall games it has great voice acting the only thing that is pragmAtic with it is that we spend way to much time in sugar rush zone and if we her a sequel I hope we get to see more worlds

Timothy M (gb) wrote: Damn, there's a masterpiece in here somewhere. Or maybe there never was, since Columbia downgraded Peckinpah's budged just before shooting it, turning it into a gritty Panavision pic, rather than a sweeping 70mm epic. Still, what Peckinpah managed to pull off is very impressive, and hugely entertaining. Heston's work here is very good, playing off a more impressive Richard Harris - a titanic battle of wills similar to another Heston "failure" from '65, Reed's [i]The Agony and the Ecstasy[/i]. What a shame it is that the rest of Peckinpah's footage, including his trademark slow-mo action scenes, are apparently lost for all time.