Postal Inspector

Postal Inspector

Postal inspectors track down money stolen from a railroad car.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:58 minutes
  • Release:1936
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:singer,   theft,   airplane,  

Postal inspectors track down money stolen from a railroad car. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Postal Inspector torrent reviews

Johnson Y (br) wrote: Only the Chinese saves the show

Binder A (us) wrote: Hilarious. One-time-watch only.

Maje P (jp) wrote: Uan historia que mereca un documental bien estructurado y montado y no esa esttica de videoclip que es lo que nos queda al final.

Dale R (de) wrote: Amusing in its own way, but I didn't understand it.

Ray S (ca) wrote: One in only a handful of movies that was so dreadful I could not make it through the end.

Tyler H (ru) wrote: First of all, both Dylan and Cole Sprouse were advertised, but only one appeared at a time. Secondly, Corbin Bernsen can do much better. Third, there was not enough slapstick on this and the chase scenes were sadly underwhelming. What a crock.

Jimmy C (jp) wrote: Andr Tchin signe un film sensislb,e intelligent, brillant et rythm, magnifiquement crit et interprt par de jeunes interprtes de talents. On y suit avec bonheur les tourments de chacun des protagonistes tisss dans une panoplies de scnes mmorables. Un trs beau film.

Bob W (fr) wrote: Like the song, the film too is a unique, memorable time capsule in which different aspects of the swingin' 60's erratic culture in urban Britain are personified and intersect. Several characters refuse to grow up, a frustrated middle aged upper cruster seeks love, and lonely Georgy is seemingly caught in the crosshairs. There is a unique kind of happy ending tinged with profound sadness. "Hey there Georgy girl, there's another Georgy deep inside, bring out all the love you hide and, oh, what a change there'd beThe world would see a new Georgy girl..."

Gordon B (us) wrote: I've seen crime films where thieves try to smuggle drugs or guns, but this is the best crime film about trying to move a precious cargo of apples.

Tom V (es) wrote: We can see why this flick was not selected over the other, superior version; still it's pretty interesting to see what different creative minds do with the same script and settings!

Abdulmalik A (gb) wrote: You need a pair of huge, hairy ones to make a picture this bad and call it "Flawless."

King B (us) wrote: great movie with excellent animation , a masterful soundtrack and good voice acting. all around perfect movie in my book.

Simon M (us) wrote: CULT STATUS ALL OVER! And 10 Years later, look where we are in politics. becomes quite present again. Masterpiece

Les E (jp) wrote: Bogart and Bacall both sizzle but they are outshone by the ruthless Robinson. A great gangster movie.