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Postman torrent reviews

Alex M (ca) wrote: THE GIRL FROM TEETH! :E

Wayne S (es) wrote: Another gem from the Danish director of "Adam's Apples," Anders Thomas Jensen. Torkild (Sren Pilmark) is a thoughtful criminal who owes a lot of money to a mob boss, "the Eskimo," and when he and his little band of dysfunctional henchmen take off with a suitcase full of the crime lord's money, one suspects it will not end well. Their getaway vehicle breaks down in the middle of a forest and the gang takes refuge in an abandoned inn. This is where the film transforms into something truly magical. Torkild, who always wanted to open a restaurant, begins to use the stolen money to fix up the place. Their explanation to the locals who find them hiding there is that they are planning to re-open the lodge with an eating establishment and when customers start coming around, the dream/alibi begins to become a reality. The rest is totally unpredictable and a thorough delight to watch. I can still see the image of Arne (Mads Mikkelsen), the most psychopathic of the gang, leaning over a cook pot in a stained wife-beater undershirt, with two inches of cigarette ash dangling perilously over the main course. Each of the characters is allowed a little back story, told in flashback, and these vignettes filmed in a contrasting style, give us enough background to understand the damaged men, and their motivations. We come to understand how they turned out the way they did, and why their friendship is so strong. Dramatic, yet humorous, and satisfying throughout, Blinkende Lygter (Flickering Lights) is a film worth looking for. (Thought I'd add a line - friend Aditya prompts me to point out that THIS IS NOT A DOCUMENTARY.)

MissMaychi U (it) wrote: One of my favourite books from russian literature,and even better the movie,i love cause its in russian not american.

Chris M (jp) wrote: I agree with the other users, seeing Rosie O'Donnell and Dan Akroyd in skin tight leather is disgusting, and the rest of the movie wasn't all that funny.

Daniel W (ru) wrote: Bleak and intense all throughout the movie. Wonderful cast for a B movie, especially Burt Lancaster. Romanticizing about stories of the inmates before they were jailed seems a strange happening now but still it makes me identify more with the gang but not the terrible captain munsey.

Nathan C (mx) wrote: Your Funny Playing Shrek Mike Myers But your too over the top on this!Why This piece of pirate crap?There is also a character also played by Myers Named Fat Bastard!I Rather Be A Fat Bastard Than Watch This Movie Again!Score: 0.5/10

Bonnie C (au) wrote: Still great after all these years, or even better now that I can watch and enjoy with my daughter. Awwwww~~

Gome A (nl) wrote: A struggles of Alfred Hitchcock during the production of his most famous film Psycho.

Sara F (es) wrote: My nieces favorite movie