Pot o' Gold

Pot o' Gold

Jimmy, the owner of a failed music shop, goes to work with his uncle, the owner of a food factory. Before he gets there, he befriends an Irish family who happens to be his uncle's worst enemy because of their love for music and in-house band who constantly practices. Soon, Jimmy finds himself trying to help the band by getting them gigs and trying to reconcile the family with his uncle.

Jimmy, the owner of a failed music shop, goes to work with his uncle, the owner of a food factory. Before he gets there, he befriends an Irish family who happens to be his uncle's worst ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny L (de) wrote: As bad as the video game franchise. A spaghetti-like mess of a centuries-old war between the Assassins and Templars, fighting over a shiny golden rubiks cube apple thing.

Andrew M (ca) wrote: 22 Jump Street is even more hilarious than the first one. This movie is also very entertaining and action-packed. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are amazing together. I would very much suggest this movie.

Nick U (fr) wrote: 9/7/15 NetflixA Danish Captain Philips but even more intense. Great story, well acted with a shocking ending. Psychologically taut from both the CEO's perspective and the crew held hostage perspective. This was a great movie.

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Eric P (br) wrote: like father like son Cameron Romero takes make a great social commentary horror film from Animal Rights and Racism he runs the gambit here. all the pieces fit perfectly from the flashbacks to the farm . it a great taste for fans of smart horror can't wait to see what next from this heir to the throne of horror

Guy L (mx) wrote: I liked it, but it's not as good compared to the first two

Eliani V (fr) wrote: I just hate this movie

Timothy S (es) wrote: I remember seeing Vincent Gallo's major directorial debut "Buffalo 66" a few years back and really enjoying it. Now, with "The Brown Bunny, he's gone completely over the edge as star, writer, director, cinematographer, production designer, set decorator, make-up artist, set designer, costume designer, producer, art decorator and editor. Apparently, the sound is the only thing he trusted to someone else. I only wonder he he didn't don a wig and play all of the parts himself as well. Irregardless of that, all this means is that there is no one else to blame for this narcissistic and nearly unwatchable picture. A lot of people have tried to defend it as deep and meaningful (and a lot of other longer, more meaningless words), but there is no possible way to defend this monumental and aimless bore that mostly consists of watching Gallo drive cross-country sans dialogue. Sometimes he stops to have a cup of coffee, pump gas or shower. Sometimes he's even gracious enough to give us some music to listen to while we watch him drive, but that music is usually as depressing as the rest of the film so it's a minor blessing. Other times, he makes out with a stranger in a rest stop without even speaking to her in a weird scene (among many) involving Cheryl Tiegs. I guess it's supposed to be daring, indie filmmaking, culminating in the infamous oral sex scene involving Chloe Sevigny and our ubiquitous star. It's only included to acquire the film some notoriety, and anyone who argues otherwise is as deluded as Gallo. And the final twist is worth of M. Night Shymalan. "The Brown Bunny" is like the worst inside joke ever. Anyone who finds meaning in this nearly wordless, excruciating experimental failure is as pretentious as the person who made it.

Ahmed M (ag) wrote: Lagaan is a spectacular movie, with a great story and a impressive performance by Aamir Khan.

Tyler E (ca) wrote: anthony hopkins really is good. and scary

Cthonus C (br) wrote: Another oil-and-vanilla movie

Carlos M (us) wrote: It is sad to see a film begin so well, relying on stunning visuals and an impressive performance by Swank, and then go downhill in a second half that suffers from some serious problems of tone and does itself a great disservice by abruptly shifting the lead role from her to Jones.

Kevin R (ag) wrote: To the tree house!The Little Rascals are in for a series of adventures as they learn lessons of leadership, friendship, and adventure. The Rascals want to help grandma save her shop from a ruthless student who is rich and wants to tear the shop and their tree house down. The Rascals partake in several money making ventures, including a music contest, to stop the rich kid."Simmer down, hot sauce."Alex Zamm, director of Inspector Gadget 2, Jingle all the Way 2, A Royal Christmas, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, and Dr. Doolittle: Million Dollar Mutts, delivers Little Rascals Save the Day. The storyline for this picture is as you would expect for the genre and the acting falls in line with other children's films."It gets three miles to the bone."I came across this on Netflix and thought it would be an interesting movie to watch with my daughter, so we did. This was fairly well done for a kids movie but it is definitely nothing special and far from a must see. I wouldn't add this to your child's DVD collection but it's worth watching once if nothing better is available."A good leader also has to be a good listener."Grade: C-

Karsh D (nl) wrote: hip cool and trendy but dull. a student has her life upside down when she meets her soon to be step sister.