Pourquoi pas nous?

Pourquoi pas nous?

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Pourquoi pas nous? torrent reviews

ken k (fr) wrote: Nice romantic comedy. Great chemistry between Garcia and Farmiga. Ending a bit down but I understand the tie in. Ken K.

Magali V (fr) wrote: J'adore !Peu de dialogues mais c'est ce qui fait la force de ce film.

Tor M (ag) wrote: Nah, not very funny. I liked the rythm and colours in it though. It's better suited for11-14 year olds but it did'nt give me many laughs beacause it's too stupid. Pluses for an ok plot, decent effects and colour use.

Katie R (es) wrote: One of my favorites from Bob Montgomery. He's so cute with Madge Evans in this one.

Igor A (kr) wrote: odlicna komedija. moze da se gleda nekolku pati i sekogas e interesno...

Justin B (gb) wrote: Given how absurdly unique it is I can definitely see its cult appeal but that's the thing about a cult movie, you either like it or you don't.

PatrickThomas G (fr) wrote: I love the criterion collection.

Scott R (kr) wrote: The whole thing felt contrived. It's too bad since it could have been great.