Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

Mafia don Joseph Scassi is a man willing to use all of his vast resources to defend himself against an indictment for murder and extortion.

An attorney is hired to defend a notorious mobster which he has been trying to send away for years while working as a prosecutor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Morgan K (ca) wrote: Law is outlandishly outstanding!!!

Mel Z (es) wrote: Some good special effects here for a cheap movie, the alien was a wuss though. Worth a one time watch if bored sh*tless.

Kevin M (ru) wrote: Creepy scenes, especially when Pitt's wearing that hideous mask Method acting is ok in this movie, especially in the 'horrified' scene.

Mike T (au) wrote: Great movie, very touching!

Lloyd H (mx) wrote: Chopper is a film I stumbled upon purely by chance. I don't have much love for Eric Bana and knew very little of the notorious Australian criminal Mark 'Chopper' Read prior to my first viewing. However ever since watching this film a couple of years after its under the radar release, Chopper has become a film I've watched many times over and thoroughly enjoy every time. Although the crimes are frighteningly and truly horrific, the transition to film regardless of how accurate or inaccurate it may be still makes for great entertainment. The script is bizarrely and disturbingly brilliant and Eric Bana's performance is nothing short of magnificent. This is my favourite film of his but to be fare, I can't recall any other Eric Bana film I like.I knew nothing of the films Director Andrew Dominik, but I love his work since, in particular both of his collaborations with Brad Pitt 'Jesse James' and 'Killing Them Softly'. It's a shame Chopper has become such an unknown film as I thoroughly enjoyed it. However I believe this portrayal of the character has been glorified and it is difficult to tell what is or isn't true. This film isn't for the faint hearted and some of the grotesque moments are by some standards ill taste viewing and controversial. But personally Chopper left me intrigued and this film introduced me to a person I knew little about. I've since developed my knowledge and understanding of Mark 'Chopper' Read and don't hold this film Chopper as an accurate insight of the person and instead see it as a harmless piece of film.

Travis F (kr) wrote: Watched this at least a dozen times when I was growing up in mid and high school. Watched this at least half dozen more since graduating high school and college. Cheesy movie but fun and funny. Difficult to rate a movie lower than three after purposefully watching it so many times.

Monty D (ag) wrote: Long but extremely entertaining and well made. One of kubricks best

Patrick M (ag) wrote: The monster is great still, but this suffers from beyond wooden acting and some shoddy storytelling. A bit of a shame, considering how good the first one is.

Nick A (us) wrote: Its premise isn't particularly original, but its execution is a slight marvel, taking the teen superhero dream to disturbingly dark places never explored before in American cinema -- and taking them there with sure-handed yet unassuming confidence.

Lenny R (de) wrote: The way the movie deals with 'Gay' Perry's gayness is a bit cringey and dates the movie somewhat, but apart from that, this is a brilliantly fun movie, and an impressive directiorial debut for Shane Black. Downey, Kilmer and Monaghan are all on fire, though they are helped a lot by Black's killer dialogue. The Chandleresque gumshoe elements and hammy humour bring the movie close to cliche, but it never actually crosses the line, so it feels like a classic movie while being completely original...thereby becoming a classic movie in its own right. It's also probably the second-best Christmas movie ever made. Awesome.

Francisco S (br) wrote: Little Miss Sunshine has a narrative stuffed of cliches, a predictable narrative and the strong cast can't save this movie, that, despite its great soundtrack counts with puny gags.

Curtis M (us) wrote: Remarkable for how much energy was devoted to trying to be funny and failing in the process. The jokes were primarily focused on bodily functions (feces, urine, vomit) or very serious unfunny topics. The film would have been much better with much more focus and time on the developing relationship. And what does "a deeply promising debut" mean?

Justin S (it) wrote: Good effects for the time. Lance son gets killed and he exacts revenge by going to old bitch.

David M (it) wrote: One of the best and most tragically underrated of all fantasy films. Faithful in spirit but not in letter to R. E. Howard's short fiction, it at least captures the bleak brutality, unyeilding warrior ethos, political incorrectness, and philosophical depth of his vision, without a shred of post-modern irony. The sets are amazing, and Basil Poledoris' phenomenal orchestral score is among the best ever written.