Christoffer and Maja's trip to Prague to bring back Chistoffer's deceased father, evolves into the story of a brake-up. With the dead father lurking in the background, secrets gradually emerge threatening to destroy their marriage.

Christoffer and Maja's trip to Prague to bring back Chistoffer's deceased father evolves into the story of a break-up. In the wake of the events that follow, secrets gradually emerge which threaten to destroy their marriage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul N (ca) wrote: I expected a high budget, wise-cracking action film, and that's exactly what I got.

Fredrik S (us) wrote: More children's films with my son, summer 2012. This is an OK film, mostly for kids, but doesn't get anywhere near the classic Asterix album. Its just too noisy and too much action when redone as live action. I did enjoy Alain Delon as Caesar, though. He was obviously born for that part.

Paul C (it) wrote: did't tink ashiey judd could act, she was excelant in this,,,,, fare play to her,

Evan H (jp) wrote: The most depressing movie I've ever seen.

Luis O (ca) wrote: Great history lesson.

Stephen C (fr) wrote: Amicus excelled at this kind of film and after the previous years Tales From the Crypt.they went back to the well and gave four ghostly and sometimes nasty stories for us to enjoy. Of the four its the first two which grab the attention ,in the first David Warner diddles kindly old Pter Cushing out of an antique mirrror but gets more than he bargained for after he hold a seance and the mirror generates a figure who demands blood. Lots of nasty touches in this one and you can see why The League of Gentlemen are fans of both this type of filmand The wondeful David Warner. The second story features Ian Bannen as a henpecked husband who steals a medal from Cushing (he is the linking device in these stories,and what a great actor he was) He then gets involved with the weird father and daughter played to perfection by Donald And Angela Pleasance.who are both brilliant in thier given roles. The third is mostly played for laughs as Ian Charmicael steals a snuff box and is attacked by a demon only the wondeful Margaret Lieghton can see as the eccentric Madame Orloff. Thefianl story about a demon door doesnt really go anywhere , but Cushing gets the final word in this excellent film. Not really balls out scary but plenty to enjoy in another Amicus winner .

Paul D (ca) wrote: A good but never great Disney adventure with a lot of sound stage styling as you expect from this film studio.

Sebastian H (it) wrote: Ambitious, long and overly dramatic family epic, but somehow mindblowing

Deric T (fr) wrote: intriguing film. Saw on TV August 2010.

j c (ca) wrote: This is a Japanese cartoon adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk. I don't know what it is about it, but I think I will always remember watching this film. It's not traumatizing or overly weird, I felt more hypnotized than anything while watching it. It's just like any other film, but I just re-watched it recently after about a 15 year gap of having no seen it and I was hit with huge wave of nostalgia, every line and song and movement was familiar. I thought it was just me of course as I am sometimes told that I have a very esoteric taste in... everything, but after browsing through some forums I discovered that almost everyone who watched this film when they were younger loved it intensely and it has affected them in someway or another. And as I re-watched it I'd have to say that I agree with the sentiment. The story is a familiar one. A poor boy and his mother live in a little shack of a house trying to make ends meet when one day their cow stops giving milk. The mother sends the boy, Jack, to the market to get a decent price for it. On the way to the market however, the boy is intercepted by a man playing weird piano (the note from which I can always remember so clearly as they were so queer), who convinces him to take a handful of magic beans in exchange for the cow. His mother is furious and throws the beans out the window, and after disciplining Jack, goes to bed. In the night the beanstalk grows and a little mouse comes running down it. The mouse motions to Jack's dog of trouble up the beanstalk and Jack comes out of the house marvelling at what had grown in his backyard. Jack, his dog, and the mouse all climb up the beanstalk. When they get to the top they come out of an old well in the courtyard of a castle and see this girl standing there watching them with an oddly vacant expression. She is the princess of castle and she tells Jack of the joy she will have when she marries her beloved prince Tulip. Jack soon discovers that Tulip is a giant and that his mother is an evil witch who is trying become queen by enchanting the princess to want to marry her son. Jack then faces the dilemma of whether or not to help the princess or leave with his gold. I enjoyed the characters a lot, but what I like about it is there are two stories going on at the same time, one involving people and one with animals. Jack can't understand what any of the animals say and he doesn't even pay much attention to them most of the time because he's busy with his own plot line and agenda, but there are animals throughout the movie and the all have very vibrant personalities. Even the audience can't understand what they're saying, but through movements and expressions you can tell what they're trying to say. A lot of story lines with both people and animals bridge the gap between them and let them talk to each other or let the audience understand them if the people in the film don't. The animals in this film actually have their own sub-plot. The music in this movie is captivating. It's not an award-winning score by any means, but there is just something odd about it that catches at one's interest. It's not quite unsettling, but it doesn't fade into the background either. The music is definitely one of the aspect that will draw you into the film to make you love it. The characters are good and the plot is very interesting, but the music is what will get you. The artwork too. There's just something about the movements of the characters and the setting, especially in the castle. As I said, this isn't the best movie I've ever seen, nor is it even the best Jack and the Beanstalk story I've heard. Despite that, this is the kind of film that you'll remember after you've grown up. I don't know what exactly it is about it, but I do know that I enjoy watching it and will probably try to obtain it at some point on dvd.

Dave R (mx) wrote: It was a funny one watching older movies sometimes is just better then the new ones