Prairie Love

Prairie Love

As a mysterious high plains drifter travels across the wintry North Dakota prairie, he finds a man lying unconscious in the middle of the road and stops to lend a hand. After defrosting, the man explains that he's on his way to meet his pen-pal girlfriend for the first time, as she's being released from prison. Desperate for a girlfriend of his own, the drifter sees this as an opportunity to change his lonely existence, and hatches a plan to steal his new companion's identity, forever changing the destinies of all three people.

Three lost souls look for love on the North Dakota tundra. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan L (ru) wrote: It's a good film as many films in the decade. But there a couple scenes and dialogue that are a bit off, preventing it from being a masterpiece. Outstanding performances by Bruce Greenwood and Don McKeller. 4.5/5

Adam W (mx) wrote: It tried, but ultimately it failed in its execution. The first half hour turned into soft core porn and the rest an unsatisfying demon tale. The cinematography was forced and cheesy.

javier e (nl) wrote: good movies(TM)(TM)(TM)

Adam Z (br) wrote: Free on fios. Not that great

Alex R (au) wrote: Just brilliant, brilliant