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Vivian L (es) wrote: it's a clever idea of being involved in a story and it become reality . the mix of different time n spaces , confused us where we are at that moment and what's going on ; the father is alive or the mum and children alive? although I didn't get the last part of the film, it's amazing script . The CG is a bit too unrealistic, I really love the set when the house is relocated the grave. an unusual HK film

kostas t (es) wrote: poker kai kompines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trevor C (mx) wrote: felt like a romance novel with a vaguely interesting Romeo & Juliet sort of feel to it (though its not much of a Romeo and Juliet story). its very corny and not very arousing either. i don't even feel like going into depth of how indifferent i feel about this film, possibly because there's very little depth in this film as it is.

Gabriella P (kr) wrote: A very cool movie :)

Troy C (mx) wrote: What do you get when you cross an underground comic series with Casablanca? Mostly, you get a campy mess. It's called Barb Wire, and stars Pamela Anderson Lee of Baywatch fame.If you think this slumming life guard was picked for her acting ability, then you'll probably love this movie. As it is, the cinematic priorities are clearly established early on. Editing continuity is thrown right out the window in the opening scene, with Ms. Lee's skimpy costume alternately revealing and then restraining her ample figure.The original "Don't call me babe" babe, Barb Wire (Lee) is a tough-as-nails nightclub owner in the last free city of America, Steel Harbor. She also happens to be a free-lance mercenary- a leftover talent from her freedom fighter days.The rest of the U.S. is in the middle of the second civil war, with a neo-Nazi like military called the "Congressionals" controlling the government.Into Barb's bar walks Axel and his wife of convenience, Dr. Corrina Devonshire (aka Cora Dee of the resistance movement.) Axel and Barb are old "friends". He has come to her in the hopes of getting the doctor out of town and safely into Canada. In order to get pass the checkpoint onto the plane, Cora needs a pair of special identity-masking contact lens that Axel thinks Barb can help them obtain.But Barb is only out for herself. Everybody knows that; especially detective Willis, the local police authority who sweeps by Barb's place every so often for his share of the graft.Local corruption isn't so simply once Colonel Victor Prizer of the Congressional forces shows up. He is seriously determined to find Dr. Devonshire and recover the lens; even if it means killing every uncooperative citizen in Steel Harbor.If you've seen Casablanca, then you can guess where the loyalties finally fall; right down to putting the old beau on the plane at the end.It's hard to say whether the motivation behind ripping off the Michael Curtiz classic was to add a touch of tongue-in-cheek elegance to this post-anarchy pot-boiler or to save the writers having to come up with an original story.Either way, Barb Wire remains simply a comic book on film; lacking the extra style or visual sense that a talent like Tim Burton brings. The production does manage a sustainable sense of chaos within its run-down, every-man-for-himself sets. It is an atmosphere greatly enhanced by the excellent sound work, which implies layers of activity going on in the audible background. But without a more intriguing premise or a more engaging sense of humor, the story settles for campy titillation within a futuristic framework.Given Ms. Wire's personality, Ms. Lee isn't asked to do much emoting within the story. She sneers, she growls, she does a bad girl tease. Certainly Lee fills the physical qualifications of the title character: tough, statuesque, vamp-ish, with a practiced "what's in it for me" attitude.It's okay as far as it goes, but that isn't far enough. She never looks as though she is having any fun; and without an intelligent script, "fun" is the only excuse for a film like this.Rated R for violence, peek-a-boo nudity and a very loud soundtrack, Barb Wire may end up being a diversion for the late-night Saturday crowd, but it's not likely to attract the mainstream. Like its namesake, once you find yourself caught in it, your principle thoughts turn to getting out as painlessly as possible.

Francis P (br) wrote: Only the uncut version.

Barry L (ag) wrote: OMG What an absolute will bever look at worms the same way again......the boat scene is nasty.