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Pratibha torrent reviews

Tyler R (fr) wrote: It was a decent low budget horror movie. The setting was very creepy and it kept me entertained the whole time. Very disturbing scenes and a great climax

Donovan F (us) wrote: low budget but nice outfitting

Ed K (jp) wrote: The pace was slow, but more detrimentally the characters were hard to sympathize with.

Nick U (ca) wrote: AHC 5/25/14 Well done doc that captures the horrible conditions faced during this battle. The many first hand accounts tell the story at the foxhole level. Amazing what men can endure.

Aylin K (mx) wrote: it is horriable movie,i have ever seen... dont waste your time for watching.

Kelly W (ru) wrote: oh my amazing!! the ending caught me off guard but the acting, sets, and costumes are INCREDIBLE!!!

Andrea M (it) wrote: Realistic, grim, hopeless.

Bob W (ru) wrote: Quirky mockumentary with an intelligent sense of humor.

Phil P (gb) wrote: So many times I wanted to try the Sub thing to see if it would work.I've seen this movie a billion times

Rob R (ca) wrote: A stunning film with a hefty running time that will put many people off.

Stefanie C (gb) wrote: fun little vignettes on adultery. shirley maclaine is great throughout. favorites are with peter sellers and michael caine.

Adam T (de) wrote: A Hammer productions movie that takes more than a few liberties with story of the mystical monk Rasputin and his effect on the Russian royal family. It essentially does away with the politics and complexities of the story to allow for the character's full visceral impact, menacingly played by Christopher Lee.

Tecia M (br) wrote: If you need a good laugh watch the part when Andy go's outside in Aunt Millys bath robe and gets locked out! Very very funny....then later it gets alittle sad...but still worth watching

Bruce B (us) wrote: Less nudity does not make a good Pam Grier flick