Truck driver Ajit Singh find out from his foster mother before her death how his biological family were mercilessly massacre by a bandit named Bharat Thakur. He then takes a pledge to avenge their death and travel to Dinapur village where Bharat is holed up; en-route he comes to the assistance of a half-dead police inspector who was ambushed by Bharat. Once in the village he decides to impersonate the inspector and converts a liquor den into a police station. He then seeks assistance from some rowdy male villagers by making them police officers so that he can easily target Bharat and his gang.

Ajit Singh (Dharmendra) learns that his parents and younger sibling's death was due to a ruthless bandit massacring them in cold blood. Taking an oath that he will get revenge Ajit Singh ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pratiggya torrent reviews

Teshia M (jp) wrote: It was an ok horror movie. He was a creepy kid but why didn't they allow him to use his own voice. The other person doing his voice sounded like an adult trying to do a kid voice.

Private U (nl) wrote: wish to see indonesian movie with gang war at chinatown. the title of the move will be Glodok

Robert H (kr) wrote: Poetic, beautifully shot, 60 mins of peace and mind!

James H (it) wrote: 72/100. I very much enjoyed this movie, it had a very clever plot and at least it is reasonably original. The performances are good. Frank Whaley and M. Emmet Walsh are terrific in supporting roles, Kylie Travis creates a strong central role and James Belushi is surprisingly effective in role against type. Fantastic pace, fascinating premise with a time travel element. Good editing and cinematography. Nicely done, always interesting.

William S (fr) wrote: Wonderful, wonderful fun in this camp and creaky melodrama. Maria Montez is glamorous, and Sabu is funny in a gauche kind of way. The score is sumptuous, the dancing ridiculous - Indiana Jones would have been very different without this kind of movie.

Dillinger P (gb) wrote: There is a lot to like and even chew on in this racial period piece set around a street in Brooklyn during world war 2. The fact that the jewish are terrorised from within a country who are meant to be standing up for the attrocities going on in europe and the classic case of mistaken identity being torn apart or abused because of their appearance makes them look Jewish. The cast is superb as well, William H Macy makes a strong lead with the material he has and Laura Dern, as always, is hypnotizing. Even Meat Loaf comes across perfectly realized as the suspicious racial neighbour. The problem lies within the directing, the scripting (In places) and the cinematography. The scripts length is shorter than it needs to be to get all of these themes across, to a pace where they grow and unsettle you, dont get me wrong, seeing the abuse go on is hurtful but with so many avenues to explore we're left rushing through it. The director also cant seem to lock into a style, one minute its all sound of music, next were thrust into a coen brothers movie, before momentary lapses of obscurity break through, its unfocused and just jerks at the whole experience. The camera work also, it tries to aim for a voyueristic approach, which is the right approach, but deals with it with a horrible amount of zoom shots into zoom shots that it just looks unprofessional and lazy. Which is a shame because as you sit watching this film you cant help but feel, if this was in the right creative hands we could have something a lot stronger, a lot more focused and enthralling. Instead were left with good looking sets and locations with good actors doing the best they can with a script and director that just cant seem to lock their vision in. Its a shame really because there is a lot to like here. I would urge you to watch it for the themes and performances but thats all the meat of this product.

Ethan P (au) wrote: Amazingly hilarious movie. Love Martin Lawrence and Steve Zahn together. Both great actors. Great story behind the movie!

Hani H (ca) wrote: I really do not know what John Cusack would do these movies. it has really good potential with Malin Akerman but it lacked the real sense of thrill.