Sasi, a professor of biology at Harvard University of the US, makes a comeback to his native place. He makes an attempt to settle in life for which he prompts a couple of alliances. But, they don't fit into his mindset. His friend Ravi brings out a logic that Sasi is still not able to forget his classmate Sailaja. The hero goes nostalgic about his college days. A decade ago… Sasi and Sailaja were classmates in a college. Packs of guys were after Sailaja, the college beauty. Sailaja loves him, but Sasi’s ideology about love irritates Sailaja a lot and she is averse to his philosophy. Failing completely in wooing the modern Pravarakhyudu, Sailaja gives up the idea and go her way. Sasi realizes that Sailaja works as a principal in a women’s college and she is unmarried too. Afresh, Sasi enters a college as lecturer in biology, in the principal. The rest of the story is all about how Sasi makes Sailaja fall in love with him again.

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Pravarakyudu torrent reviews

Gianluca C (ru) wrote: I just looooooooooooooooove these guys....

Nicolas B (ca) wrote: Great performances overall, but I kinda wished that it would tell more of the story of the young women than the old one.

Sina A (ca) wrote: A Masterpiece of 2006and rotten tomatoes has to watch it again to understand it :)

kyo 9 (gb) wrote: people are crazier when they think they have full of freedom..they tend to regret what they have done which will consequently harm not only him/herself but also the people they love..

Stephen W (jp) wrote: very good movie :) :) :) :) 2-24-2015 AT 1:35 AM ON TUESDAY night

lion o (mx) wrote: GOOD FILM 8.5 OUT OF 10

Torian T (nl) wrote: A bit lacking in the antagonist dept since the main characters were walking the line. The films main conflict didn't really hold my interest as much. Minimalistic, but still interesting enough. The train scene, with its minimal dialogue stood out to me the most. Not my fav Melville film, but decent.

Gregory W (br) wrote: hard to put this one in a category but good

miruna (es) wrote: surprisingly, kind of boring. the plot i mean

Leah Z (kr) wrote: I tell all the drug reps who come by the store about this one!

Wade F (it) wrote: its not good, though the fight between Clark and Superman is pretty boss

Paul D (ca) wrote: This attempt to glorify on film the work of a special unit in the Pacific has good intentions, but it does get bogged down in the politics and intimite depictions on the platoon workings giving it a disjointed feel as a picture or documentary drama. John Wayne doesn't really shine and there is a lot of US propaganda to sift through.