Pray 2: The Woods

Pray 2: The Woods

Still riding high from her #1 Best-selling Book Tour, Laurie Curtis finishes what she thinks is just another Talk Show appearance. As the sun goes down and the shadows deepen, she heads home to enjoy what was supposed to be a quiet, relaxing evening alone, but her night is anything but peaceful! Meanwhile, across town, a Church Youth Group heads into the woods for it's annual Fall camping trip, but they are not alone! He's back! Exactly one year later, the mysterious masked villain is on the loose and striking fear into the hearts of his targets once again! Will the faith and heroism of the intended victims triumph over evil and darkness? Continuing the clean, heart-pounding suspense of "Pray" follow the characters from the original movie, as well as many new ones, as the thrill-ride continues - into the Woods!

Still riding high from her #1 Best-selling Book Tour, Laurie Curtis finishes what she thinks is just another Talk Show appearance. As the sun goes down and the shadows deepen, she heads ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pray 2: The Woods torrent reviews

Greg W (it) wrote: the back in forth jumping between now and 1986 make this cop thriller a bit muddled.

Pravin K (gb) wrote: Impeccable debut by the writer-director, lead and composer. Taut and near-perfect.

James H (br) wrote: While Carey is definitely a good actor, as seen by other non-comedic roles, this movies is just dull. The plot is predictable, the twist you can see coming a mile away, and most of the other characters are uninteresting. If they'd gone a similar route as Pi, I think the movie would've worked much better, but as is... it's clumsy with little scariness still in it.

Allan C (ca) wrote: Funny and intriguing documentary following a group of LARPers (live action role playing), which is basically, dressing up like D&D characters and acting out the parts in the woods or on school sports fields. At first it seems hilariously pathetic, but after watching the film for awhile, I realized LARPing it's no different from other obsessed sub culture, whether it's mountain climbing, poker, vintage cars, or any other unique group that spends an inordinate amount of time with their group and not interacting with the "real" world. Sure, the LARPers are more socially awkward than other groups and talk like the comic book guy on "The Simpsons", but their subculture really isn't that different from any other.

Ives L (fr) wrote: This movie is awesome. full of romance, drama, and comedy. it's so nice.

David T (nl) wrote: "The Story of the Weeping Camel" is about the bonds of family. The film is an intimate story of a nomadic extended family (grandparents, mom and dad and their children) living in the Mongolia's Gobi Dessert as they try to reconcile the relationship between one of their camels and its white offspring. The mother camel rejects her colt. While the pacing of the movie is a bit slow, such is life in the desert. The entire family works together to help the camels. With only their yurt and a small wood burning stove, there is less dysfunction and more genuine love here than a modern Western family. The ending of the film is magical, as a musician performs a "Hoos" ceremony to help the mother camel accept her child.

Ben B (ag) wrote: Collateral stars action movie star Tom Cruise as Vincent, a hit-man arriving in LA to complete contracts. He travels around the city using a taxi, forcing the driver, played by Jamie Foxx, to take him from kill to kill. That synopsis sounds weird, right? America's action hero, Tom Cruise, playing the villain? As odd as it may seem, Cruise did a phenomenal job. His antagonistic approach worked right off the bat, strolling out of an airport at night wearing sunglasses and receiving a hit list from Jason Statham (appearing in a cameo many believe to be reprising his role in the Transporter series). Cruise also works really well with Foxx. Their constant arguments about the morality of Cruise's actions are what really carry the movie. Michael Mann's direction is incredibly stylish and fitting - his use of colorful lighting and establishment shots of LA really bring the scenery to life. Aaron brought up the fact that the movie was shot digitally, and it really worked well with the colors (even if it was a little noticeable for zoom-in shots). Another thing that helped the cinematography was the editing; top-notch cuts helped the desperate tone. The subtle use of music is also noticeable. There are many scenes with nothing but the sounds of the streets as a backdrop.We gave this movie a lot of praise, but we have to be picky as well and say that Collateral is by no means perfect. Jada Pinkett Smith's character, in the movie for all of 15 minutes, is oddly trusting to Foxx (she was a customer in his Taxi before Cruise) right away. This forced plot element paid off, though, as the writing really brought the movie full-circle in the end. Mark Ruffalo is also in this movie, and his presence is completely unnecessary. it's not that Ruffalo was bad. His character could have been cut and the movie would be the same.All-in-all, Collateral is carried by the two lead performances and brilliant cinematography, even if the plot is at times convenient. We at Musicians on Movies agree that Collateral earns a B rating.

Ben N (kr) wrote: Quiz Show is easily one of the best films you've never seen; it's engaging, sophisticated, suspenseful and very funny in an intelligent, if subtle, way. Go watch it. now.

Esther M (br) wrote: I love this movie its a good movie I have ever seen I love Nolan Gerard Funk.

Lee K (br) wrote: The lousiest of S.E. Hinton's books to be brought to screen. Do yourself a favor and rent either the Outsiders or Rumble Fish they are so much better

Paul C (es) wrote: By the numbers World War II movie which, although it features every submarine cliche in the book, fails to include anything in the way of tension or suspense, or for that matter make you care about any of the characters.

Wilman A (gb) wrote: Very poor plot and bad execution. Denzel just wasted his time in this movie.

Gina W (jp) wrote: This is a great feel good film that makes you smile: music, being young and in love.