Precious Find

Precious Find

The year is 2049. 200 years after the great Californian goldrush. The new generation of gold diggers are just as full of gold fever as their ancestors.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:space,   remake,   gold,  

Three adventurers leave Moon City and head towards the asteroids in search of gold. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lara S (nl) wrote: 80s song and dance movie. And oh yeah Cuba Gooding Jr. gets knocked out by an opening door. Again one of those movies not on DVD.

Samir S (us) wrote: Though there are no ghosts in here, Borgman turns out to be a horror film of humane proportions and on another level there is a biblical theme running beneath its skin that questions our perception of 'normal' family life....

Robert H (jp) wrote: Not what Argento fans were hoping for, Giallo is mostly a paint by numbers standard thriller with a few bright red gore scenes thrown in. This would be ok if it weren't for a few things that just didn't work. Emmanuelle Seigner and her role just didn't work for me. Her character didn't make sense and for the most part, was just plain annoying.Brody does some decent work concidering what he had to work with. And you might not recognize him at all times.The ending, well, seems tacked on. Almost as if they ran out of money and knew that what they had in the can wouldn't work. Throw together a few scraps for the audience so they have some kind of resolution but it feels out of place.Not a terrible film, but one expects more from a master of the genre like Argento.

Richard G (ca) wrote: Can I give this little gem of a film more than 5 stars? Beautiful! It's sad to see that Robyn Williams is kind of a tortured modern-day Fagan in this movie, so late in his career. I can't believe I missed this film back in 2007. 10 Stars!

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Chris H (de) wrote: Picture the movie "Identity" crossed with an episode of "R.L. Stein's Goosebumps" and SHAZAM! You got "Boogyman"...

Gabriel K (mx) wrote: I liked the concept, but the movie was too ambiguous and confusing, and the visual style was way overused. The Lynch/Cronenberg influence is a bit too obvious.

Roberto B (fr) wrote: Titolo italiano: La citta' delle donne

Hal M (us) wrote: A must-see for students of early film history. Absorbing characters, plenty of action, and marvelous German Expressionist sets. Director Fritz Lang's shot composition should be studied by today's careless, unsteady MTV-schooled filmmakers! As you watch it on your DVD player freeze the frame every so often--you could make a hundred fine still photographs from these. My chief knock against the DVD version is the music score (recorded in recent years). Monotonous, harsh, largely unrelated to the screen action. If you ever want to lock your enemies in your cellar and drive them nuts, play them this soundtrack on an endless loop...

Dan K (it) wrote: One of those "finally took the time to watch it". Everyone else can have Scarface, I would take Carlitos Way every time. Pacino at his best no doubt.

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