Pregnancy Pact

Pregnancy Pact

Inspired by the true story of teenagers at Gloucester (Mass.) High School who agreed to get pregnant at the same time.

Not all teen prenancies are unplanned. The movie is based on the allegedly true story of a 2008 media circus surrounding teenagers at Gloucester (Mass.) High School who agreed to get pregnant at the same time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chinmai R (de) wrote: It isn't perfect, but even with Duff's mediocre acting and a few facile scenes, Greta is an insightful, saddening and deeply upsetting portrait of depression and its effects on the depressed and those around them. I, for one, was quite upset and shell-like when (and even after) watching the film. It isn't pat like I expected it to be, and neither does it provide a strong resolution in favor of a single solution, both of which I appreciated very much. One major gripe though- why does every film dealing with depression have to involve the death (or otherwise loss, but generally- death) of a family member? That's way too easy, not true of most people suffering from depression, and so hackneyed it angers me.

Kyle W (br) wrote: I am one of the few who really enjoyed this film! Just brought it on iTunes, it's the kinda movie that *might* make you laugh, but is guaranteed to fill you with warm fuzzies. lol

mary k (ca) wrote: love musical I just loved this movie

FilmGrinder S (es) wrote: Toulon is back and decides to dress like the Invisible Man. The highlights, are that two puppets die. Move on.

Anna B (gb) wrote: Holy shit, that lighting. If it suffers from anything it's the fact it's a true story, so it gets frustrating when the great scenes where LaMotta's paranoia gets the best of him and a creeping sense of dread starts to build are undercut when they're followed by a scene that essentially starts, "So, anyway, a couple of years later..." and then the next chapter in this guy's life is recounted. But Scorsese powers through it to create a beautiful film, in spite of a not very interesting story.

Brian B (ru) wrote: Good movie with a virtually unknown cast. This movie deals with the topic of the first Black Man in the CIA and what he has to go through to get there. Not so far fetched of a movie now (since Barack Obama achieved the seemingly impossible) but for its time it was.

Orlok W (au) wrote: Vampires, body snatchers, aliens, and other menaces--Pulp Excellence!!

Kirk E (de) wrote: Barbara Stanwyck at the peak of her seductive powers.

Tim H (ca) wrote: While being a really stand-up movie, it lacks substance and really anything memorable. But remember, a really stand up movie is a really stand up movie.

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Andrew M (fr) wrote: When an M. Night Shyamalan film works, it really works: case in point, Signs. Shyamalan sticks with the supernatural after The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, this time with a sci-fi twist reminiscent of the genre films of the 70s. It's not the most thrilling film, but what it lacks in thrills, Shyamalan makes up for in atmosphere. The film plays out exactly the way a story of this kind should, with a slow build up full of paranoia and shrouded in mystery. At its core, however, this is a story about faith, and the way people lose and restore it in their lives. This allows for many emotionally resonant moments within the film: a scene with Mel Gibson's character breaking down alongside his family at the dinner table is absolutely heartbreaking, and might even elicit some waterworks. Gibson is superb in his role as a father figure struggling with his own faith, and packs a lot of emotion into his role. Joaquin Phoenix is also stellar, with his own emltional moments to shine in as well. Even the child acting is great, with Rory Culkin and Abigail Breson giving surprisingly good performances. It starts to devolve in the final act, like many Shyamalan films do, but this is definitely one of the higher points of his career. This one packs both mystery and emotion into one solid package.

Adam P (es) wrote: i can't say i hated this film but i can't say i loved it much either. I thought of giving this film a look because i did enjoy Josh's other film The Hunger Games and Hayden's other film ( believe it or not) I love you beth cooper. But man this film has some magger problems and some magger good things. Lets start with the good things which includes casting,acting,and well lets just do those 2 because actually i don't think there was anything else about this movie that i liked or i'd have given this film 5 stars or 4 or 3 stars but i didn't. Ok lets begin with the casting. Ok i did enjoy the casting of Josh Hutcherson he was a perfect choice in the lead a star choice he perfectly showed how a troubled homeless person would act and be well sorta and i really liked the casting of Lauren Bacall and Alfred Molina they were perfect in each of their roles perfect . The acting is good actually considering this film has a feel of a made for television movie . I expected this film to have good acting because of Hayden , but Josh was a wild card in some of his movies he had good acting in others not so good acting but this time around he had... Good acting and it helped gain another star but where theres good news theirs bad news. The screen - play , made for television value , love story , story , those are the bad things. The screen - play is very chessy and poor it truly is sadly none of the actors can help it its just poor really poor. This film is well very low budget as you can see which gives it a made for television look and feel and the feel is not good not good at all just lame. The love story between Josh and Hayden is weak and at many times awkward prone it just is not good the director just can't write a good love story and Hayden was probably feeling sick because she did not help the love story and as for Josh on the love story he sunk it he really did . The love story was an on and off type thing on then off for a long time then on then off for another long time. The overrall story is pretty bad too. Its so on original and boring and really its not a drama at all is a well a it that can't find a true subject or story thats good enouge for itself. All an All this film is a bit everywhere more so bad then good but i did kinda enjoy it anyway. D+

Shane M (it) wrote: One of the scariest films to come out recently. Chilling from start to finish!