A young boy and his family embark on a series of adventures when the boy finds some mysterious eggs which hatch to reveal a brood of baby dinosaurs.

A young boy and his family embark on a series of adventures when the boy finds some mysterious eggs which hatch to reveal a brood of baby dinosaurs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Diego Martn (ag) wrote: 3era parte,una pelicula de accion mas 6/10

Mitch H (fr) wrote: A devastating, yet interesting documentary about the early spread of AIDS that ravaged a helpless community. This documentary took us to the ground floor and allowed us to witness a group's fight for accessible and suitable medication in order to treat their debilitating symptoms of AIDS. This documentary spans a vast time period moving from early onset of the HIV virus all the way to the mid 90's. A truly fascinating an enlightening documentary that exposes the brutal nature of the AIDS virus. The limited scope and singular point of view of this documentary leaves it at -- 7.5/10.

David M (ru) wrote: I enjoyed this movie very much. The acting and singing is natural and sincere. The lyrics are for the most part fun, campy and predictable., which never hurt for Andrew Lloyd Webber. And it is good to see a film the whole family enjoys

Victor M (es) wrote: It's not a love comedy is a comedy about a dysfunctional guy.

Stacy M (jp) wrote: This film was okay. Like many of the other films on this topic, it is very one sided. It does make a lot of good points about birth in the US today, but it would have been nice to see this film talk about why births moved to the hospital in the first place. Unfortunately, something changed in society so the hospital is focusing more on convenience rather than just protecting the life of mother and child.

Alex K (nl) wrote: Has anyone seen this one?

Danjo S (it) wrote: Well acted movie with complex characters and situations. This is no light-hearted romantic drama.

William B (ca) wrote: Really creepy CGI effects, Not recommend for anyone.

Lissa (gb) wrote: This movie sucked. No wonder their marriage didn't last. Ouch!

Yousif V (ru) wrote: It's got everything, Action, Comedy, Drama, Suspense, Romance-The best film to show two foreigners who know little to nothing about American cinema. Like a nice Arnie burger with cheese.

Alex r (ru) wrote: Fields of Terror is a decent sequel. The gore factor and body count are still factors in this fifth entry. However the execution is so-so and never anything too interesting. The film could have been much better. Director Ethan Wiley seems bored directing this, and the result is a film that is mildly entertaining, and one that could have been much better. Of course usually a film series by a fifth entry becomes tiring and uninspired because the screenwriters have run out of ideas; this is the case with the film. The film is a decent entry, but it never really is a good film. The film could have been much better and it shows on-screen. As far as the children of the Corn series is concerned, this is one of the worst. The previous entries tried something new by adding new elements to the series, more gore and violence. But this fifth entry is inspired and it lacks anything that makes a good film. Oh, the film is decent for what it is, but it never goes beyond that. This fifth entry is mildly entertaining; bur lacks anything to really make it a good film. Of all the Children of the Corn films, this is one of the worst because it doesn't do anything really interesting with plot and the film at times is quite boring. However, even if it's the worst in the series, it's a decent watch for what it is, but it could have been much better than this.

Diren Y (ca) wrote: Barely worth the time. The Jack Ryan character is loose, lacks any material to emphatize with; Kevin Costner -although having potential troughout the movie with his style- is downplayed to no more than a "cool" voice. In short, a tried formula with uninteresting characters and no surprises.

Cliff J (kr) wrote: It's not just that EVERYBODY is in this movie, it's that everybody acts the hell out of it. The story is simple, the pacing is perfect and Stallone somehow steals the show. Sure, there's nothing fancy here, but there's nothing wrong with a solid story either. Especially with a little Bruce Springsteen in the background.

Alex S (kr) wrote: Brilliant Van Damme film, his film choices have got a lot better since JCVD (although I did like Wake of Death), his acting has even improved after that film too.