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Prélude torrent reviews

Jin T (gb) wrote: I'm a fan of their animation work and overall, the story and the characters. Princess Mononoke was the first movie I've seen from Studio Ghibli. Back then I never knew who directed/created or what company that was involved in making Princess Mononoke until, if I can remember correctly, Spirited Away. I realized that Studio Ghibli is a well respected animation company that creates wonderful stories and lovable characters. When I watched Princess Mononoke, it was one of the best Anime films I have ever seen. It became an instant favorite as one of my personal all-time favorites, in terms of all things Anime. I've seen other films from Studio Ghibli but it always lead me back to Princess Mononoke as my personal favorite. I guess there's that one Studio Ghibli movie that everyone would never forget the experience of an authentic animated feature film. Especially from Studio Ghibli. I decided to watch this documentary film on Netflix. Apart from my still interest in the culture of Japan and much less any interest recently for Anime, however Mr. Hayao Miyazaki's perspective in things both in real life and in creating an animation feature have opened my eyes once more that Anime is something, not from hard work, but the passion of creating something for people to feel emotional at the most pinnacle scenes. Especially when the characters are so well developed. Every Studio Ghibli movie that I've watched has so far been like that. This documentary shows the progress of Mr. Hayao Miyazaki and the crew in progress of creating The Wind Rises. You may think that creating an animated feature film may be the simplest work but it's actually quite a huge effort on everyone's end. Witnessing the progression of The Wind Rises and Mr. Hayao Miyazaki's perspective in things including his day-to-day life, it puts you in a different view of how Studio Ghibli works. While his odd humor and undoubtedly attitude towards things makes people feel somehow rather abundant, imo, nothing seem to hinder their work on The Wind Rises. The documentary also features the history of Studio Ghibli and the Hayao Miyazaki's career into manga and then stepping to creating something that we will know in the future, that is Studio Ghibli. If you are a fan of Studio Ghibli and especially the work of Mr. Hayao Miyazaki, I strongly recommend you watch this documentary film. Even if you like one or two movies from Studio Ghibli, it doesn't hurt to take a side trip to a whole new perspective in the process of witnessing an animation film being created. Either way, it's a nice film in its own. Even if you haven't seen a Studio Ghibli film, probably after watching this documentary, you will feel like watching one of them.

Sylvester K (ag) wrote: A suspenseful film about a group of six people woke up with no recollection of memories, as they try to discover what has happened, more sinister threats are approaching. It's actually quite a decent low budget horror film, the mystery wasn't difficult to figure out early on. They could have spent more time on horror side of the story instead of piecing the puzzle together. The actors were all quite talented, but the writing was exceptionally bad. Open Grave offered a lot of potentials which could have been better executed.

Les E (us) wrote: We know that both these guys can be great in the baddie role but neither of them were bad enough here and they cancelled each other out.

Ronwe P (gb) wrote: I guess you are supposed to sympathize with the main character, but I only wanted to slap him for all the mistakes he made. I would list all the things that he could have done better if I could remember what they were. All I can remember is the main character getting trapped in a burning house for a stupid reason, and a disappointing ending that tries to be meaningful.

Gavin H (it) wrote: A TV news manager tries to stop his co-anchor ex-wife from marrying her new boyfriend.I'm probably the only one, but i didn't much care for His Girl Friday. I didn't find it amusing and the characters were unappealing. I liked this remake a little more. The leads are energetic and likeable, and it's funny at times. When it tries to be serious it doesn't work at all, and it's depiction of TV news isn't beliveable at all.

Matthew S (kr) wrote: Entertaining to a point. I know it is a well-crafted film, but I have never found it very satisfying.

Nathaniel M (gb) wrote: Gritty, down to earth spy dramas. Not nearly enough of them.

Greg W (us) wrote: bittersweet melodrama served up by max ophuls

Kestutis K (jp) wrote: In a post-Lon Chaney Wolf Man world, this precursor werewolf movie is a real oddity that lacks a lot of the "standard" werewolf lore. The film itself shares a lot in common with the Jekyll & Hyde story and the werewolf, while murderous, is less bestial and more cunning. The plot revolves around an English botanist who is bitten by a werewolf while searching for a rare flower in Tibet. He returns with the plant, but being a man of science, becomes suspicious of another scientist coming around and telling him about the curse of "werewolfery." This of course leads to the botanist becoming a werewolf himself and threatening the lives of those he loves. Ultimately, the movie is extremely well shot, with a solid cast and an interesting take on movie werewolves that presents an interesting "what might have been" if Werewolf of London hadn't failed at the theaters. Well worth a look.

Eduardo C (mx) wrote: A stunning epic. Not at the same level as Dreyer's subsequent "The Passion of Joan of Arc" (but then, nothing is) but still an incredibly rewarding film. The lighting is not only exquisite, but experimental at times. The shot composition, the editing, the imagery... many of the characteristics of modern cinema are already present here. One of the more interesting aspects is how the film manages to convey, visually, what it cannot through audio. There is a sequence where a woman is playing a harp and singing a song and the film, through images, illustrates what the song is about. There is another sequence where a flagelating monk sees the cross transformed into the object of his desire and guilt. The rest of the film is laden with imagery and symbolism, some more subtle than others. Helge Nissen is unforgettable as Satan, the thematic link between the four stories that comprise the film. He embodies each of his guises well, refusing to overact, and generating true pathos for his predicament. For each soul he turns away from god he has 100 years added to his sentence. For each soul he is unable to sway, he has 1000 years removed. Forced to tempt, he goes through the motions but gets no pleasure from it, feeling heartbroken at his successes. The film may not be a transcendental experience, but it is a great work of art nonetheless. Carl Theodor Dreyer is that rarest of breeds: a director who managed to make timless films both in silent and spoken format, as evidenced here.

Tatsuhito K (it) wrote: Wonderful story, good performances, and great soundtrack, Almost Famous is probably Cameron Crowe's most celebrated film alongside Say Anything. It's such a kind-hearted yet complex film. I adore every second of it. It's a lovely film.

Nikil A (de) wrote: good movie about relationship...worth a watch