Prem Amar

Prem Amar

A young man's quest for the love of his new neighbor is doomed.

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Scott A (kr) wrote: I actually quite enjoyed this. I know it has it's issues, but I enjoy FOUND FOOTAGE films, and this one includes not only and airplane crash, but then the survivors having to deal with a Dinosaur in some sort of Government experiment.It actually takes some time to introduce the characters who will of course be our core crash survivors. The Charlie character will for sure come off as annoying for awhile in this film, and nearly every character makes a few really dumb decisions, but I still found it enjoyable.I have read complaints that you only really hear noises or see flashes of the Dinosaur, but I think that works best. You fear worse what you cannot see.The acting is decent, as this would probably be what people going through this would act like.And the final moments are pretty extreme. I didn't really see it coming and wow, it has to be seen to be believed.If you are fans of found footage, I think this will be a real treat.

Michael L (gb) wrote: Finally caught up with Margarethe von Trotta's absolutely wonderful HANNAH ARENDT. Anchored by a perfect performance from Barbara Sukowa, HANNAH ARENDT is a truly rare accomplishment--a film that seamlessly mingles the personal and professional while totally zeroing in on Arendt's philosophical conceptions. So many films about artists, great thinkers have failed in capturing the human being behind the art or in the opposite direction, ignoring the philosophy to depict the personal only. In HANNAH ARENDT all is combined magnificently, providing a 360 degree view of a truly great human being and showing us how the personal, political, and professional are all combined.

Dl (au) wrote: HORRIBLE movie. we just fast-forwarded most of it but it was still bad for what i did see. waste of time. Don't see it.

Early B (jp) wrote: Big River Man is a brilliant documentary for, ooh, 3/4 of its running time and then it loses all credibility. Telling the story of long distance swimmer, actor, humanitarian and beer drinker Martin Strel, we follow his attempt to swim the amazon. Teamed with his son, Borut, and a former Kmart employee, he swims day and sometimes night to achieve his goal before succumbing to madness. You get rather sucked into it all as we are first introduced to Martin's home and lifestyle. He's a man larger than life. His training includes drinking two bottles of wine whilst swimming and stealing bread-rolls from his own fundraisers so he can save money for the trip. Once the journey gets underway, Martin almost seems to immediately regret his decision, almost succumbing to sun stroke within a few days. A few more days and Borut is worrying about his fathers physical and mental, whilst Kmart boy is beginning to see him as a deity. And this is where, for me, the documentary begins to tread on shaky ground. There are moments when a nagging feeling arrives that some things are being staged for the sake of viewer entertainment. A particular scene stands out where Martin runs/swims away and is later found naked on a beach. Whilst this most likely happened, the subsequent scene of him communicating with a dead tree just seems... Out of place. Additionally, when Martin finally makes it to the end of his journey, he is taken on board an ambulance and we are subjected to a scene, which if it did happen, raises the question of how professional the paramedics were to allow that many uses of camera angles. I'm not even going to go into the Spinal Tap-esque pschiatrist who uses puppets. Yes, it can be argued that real life ceases to be real once it becomes the subject of a documentary. It's the director's descretion as to what we see or don't see. However, for the director, John Maringouin, to leave in scenes that could be seen as questionable, almost undrmines everything that precedes them. Don't be put off seeing Big River Man. It really is one of those films, you should give a go. What you take out of it is another matter entirely.

Mirta N (kr) wrote: Es la mejor de las tres

Nick G (kr) wrote: What can I say? Damn fine performance.

alex f (ru) wrote: Fonda on the road is always good.

Joe S (ru) wrote: A good family movie that is entertaining. This was made back when Disney was actually concerned about fun movies for the family.

Simon D (nl) wrote: Mildly entertaining story. The best thing about this was the background, fifties london and the Great British countryside, marvelous.

Jim L (ca) wrote: I watched this on TCM while accidentally staying up all night. It sure is swell! It's got everything you could ask for! Unfaltering love, attempted lynchings, but the KKK is foiled! And a mystery breakout of Typhoid fever! I won't give away the ending, but the power of God prevails!...yeah, surprised I made it through this one. Also surprised it's actually on Flixster... hm.

The Black Fox (br) wrote: I like Cooper as confident and skilled, but he's good at innocent humor too. He cannot handle a gun in this film. It's so funny, but so painful!

Rendan L (gb) wrote: Well paced, fun, and tightly controlled story. Sure to be a horror classic. Grade: A-

Kevin R (mx) wrote: I will be strong. Very strong.Sam's wife dies leaving him and his son, Clint, on their own. Sam remarries a Native American, Neddym and they have a "half-breed" son, Pacer. A war breaks out between the white settlers and the Native Americans and Sam and Neddy are killed in the process leaving Clint and Pacer to pick sides in the war. Clint picks the whites and Pacer picks the Native Americans and the brothers meet on the battlefield."Are you my brother beyond the wall?"Don Siegel, director of Dirty Harry, Escape from Alcatraz, Shooter, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1959), The Verdict, No Time for Flowers, and Spanish Affair delivers Flaming Star. The storyline for this picture as well as the script and characters are very average. The acting is also mediocre and the cast includes Elvis Presley, Dolores del Rio, Steve Forrest, Barbara Eden, and Tom Reese. "I would know that you lie and I would have to kill you."This was recommend to me by Verizon Fios so I randomly DVR'd it. I have never watched too many Presley films and quickly discovered why...he isn't a very good actor. This was very mediocre and his character was a bit over the top at times. I would only recommend seeing this if nothing better is on."White men shot her and white men let her die."Grade: C

John Y (es) wrote: The parts about the making of "Psycho" were great, but the family drama between Alfred and Alma really dragged the picture down.

Jorge N (de) wrote: One of the most interesting films that I have seen of this genre, this character has to fight not only with the "bad" guys, he has to fight with himself. All the movie you have lots of empathy with him, you adore him. And that ending, oh my god!! He is a real hero.