Premium Rush

Premium Rush

In Manhattan, a bike messenger picks up an envelope that attracts the interest of a dirty cop, who pursues the cyclist throughout the city.

Set in Manhattan, the film is about a postman going by bike helds an envelope that makes metamorphic police worried. They try to find him through the city. What are mysterious things inside that envelope? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gabriel F (es) wrote: Excellente movie. This is the other point of view of the Kidnapping in Colombia with Clara Rojas' case and her son Emanuel.

Walter M (ru) wrote: One of the complaints over the years about documentaries is how very unsexy they usually are. To contradict that complaint, along comes "American Swing" which is about the rise and fall of Larry Levenson who owned the legendary swinger's club Plato's Retreat in New York City. While it is implied that he was just there to have sex with everything that moved, at least he was open about his desires without shame, even going on any number of talk shows including Phil Donahue. The documentary is liberally illustrated with explicit photographs and videos taken inside the club, which while interesting from a historical angle, do not improve on anything we could have imagined ourselves. Of the talking heads, there are adult entertainment veterans including Ron Jeremy, Dian Hanson and Annie Sprinkle but the movie makes no connection between the pornography industry and swinging. On a wider basis, the documentary partially successfully fits the club in a wider discussion of the sexual revolution, especially related to suburban couples, as Plato's Retreat allowed suburbanites from Long Island and New Jersey(definitely NOT my parents, by the way) to escape into anonymity where their neighbors would be unaware what they were up to(unless they were there, too). However, the film fails to mention the second club on 34th Street was just a short walk away from Penn Station. The most liberating part for the participants was sometimes not the sex but the acceptance of all body types. For women, it could be a mixed bag, either a continuation of patriarchal attitudes or a free exploration of their own desires. Like all parties, the one at Plato's Retreat had to end, too. Where once the worst that could happen would be a bad case of crabs, in the 80's it was AIDS and the end of an era.

Li V (gb) wrote: Insane movie! It's a very dark fairy tale, and i loved it. If only there weren't the nudity

Peter F (mx) wrote: A fun kung fu movie. We love Donnie Yen.

Anthony T (ru) wrote: decent low budget zombie movie with a twist on the usual perspective but for some reason I did not laugh much at this movie

carol s (au) wrote: I still dont know what has happened in the story. There's no story at all, or is it too profound that I just cant get it?

Sara Y (es) wrote: Great cinematography .. Jaromr Sofr he is my teacher at school .. great cinematographers are horrible teachers !

Josh M (nl) wrote: Beautiful Animation. Reminds me of my childhood. Enjoyable some 12yrs later because of the great story and surprisingly mature dialogue. This isn't Pokemon, nor is it a Saturday morning cartoon. Feels like a legitimate animated movie. Great english voice-work and a really fun soundtrack. The only negative about the movie is it's appeal and story will only make sense to those with a background with Digimon. The movie doesn't develop the characters very well. New viewers to the series will not know or care about the characters (or Digimon) and will most likely be lost in the story and the back-to-back-to-back action scenes. I will admit there is some cheesiness, namely in the lengthy "digi-volutions" sequences. Also very short at 80min. It feels especially rushed because the movie is divided into 2 main acts (the backstory and the present-day) The first act is far superior to the 2nd. I almost wish they carried the dark tone and dialogue from the first for the whole movie and pushed the 2nd into a separate film. It would have drastically improved character development as well, seeing that characters from the first act aren't even in the second. Kari and and Willis are the only carryovers, and as a result, are the strongest characters in the film.

Michele W (us) wrote: Wow! Everyone hates this film, lol. I guess you have to be an Anais Nin fan to appreciate it.

Jon C (au) wrote: gripping, curious, and attentive after the 1st 11 min you are immersed in what is going on with this kid that somehow wakes up in the future and comes face-to-face with an alien ship/computer robot I just wasn't a fan of how cowardly the main kid acted throughout, he didn't seem brave enough until the last half I still love how he has to try and adapt to this new time era and on top of that shares a strange psychic connection with the ship's computer him as the Navigator applies to both his role on the ship and its purpose and finding his way back to the love for his family these scientists really come off as jerks seeking only the knowledge for their own purposes while holding David against his will the special effects are top of the line too and Sarah Jessica Parker while being a minor role is terrific as well the last half is almost very heartbreaking it's a sci-fi movie made for all families being cool but also heartwarming

Garrett W (ca) wrote: It just sucked... It just friggin sucked

Cecily B (ag) wrote: This movie was CRAZY!! I have a huge fear of clowns and I have no idea what made me rent this movie, it combines isolation in the woods, kidnapping, clowns and just sick psychopaths. Overall just a f***ed up movie!!

Alex A (gb) wrote: The plot is pretty foolish, as maybe could've been expected, but for what it is "WolfCop" is solidly entertaining. At parts it could've been a lot better, but it has enough funny moments (including a sickeningly humorous transformation scene), and is filmed well enough to make it an enjoyable horror-comedy with a retro feel.

Beth M (ca) wrote: If not for the excessive shocking violence (and I watch Saw and Walking Dead) I would have rated this five stars. The cast was amazing. The script was incredible. The journey was fantastic. A great western along the lines of the Magnificent Seven. One part at the end was unneccessarily gruesome and I like gore. It was to prove a plot device that we already been informed of, we believed, and we had further proof of later.