A student hippie and his friends share deadly premonitions.

Red flowers cause three college students to have deadly premonitions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Premonition torrent reviews

Anita H (gb) wrote: I would rather a giant bowl of shit before ever watching this. I seriously believe the world is coming to an end when the fact that people even insist on spending their money on a movie where the male lead role wears a baseball cap, a shirtless hoodie sweater and fucking weight lifting dance! I seriously hope god has mercy on all our pathetic souls for churning out such trash and labeling it as entertainment. Have a nice day

Erika K (es) wrote: I expected absolutely nothing, but it wasn't that bad actually...

Danny L (ag) wrote: funny .. kinda ... worth the time ..

Robert R (us) wrote: Chevy Chase is a loser who gets telekinetic powers after getting doused by toxic waste, so he gets passive aggressive revenge on people. This seems like it was written during one of those games where one person writes one line, then a different person continues, and so on and so on. But everyone playing was high.

Adam D (ru) wrote: An extremely entertaining and intriguing character study that's damn near impossible to find in the States other than on bootleg. Very much a precursor to the style that such filmmakers as Wong Kar Wai would adapt in later decades.

Debi B (it) wrote: Cute, but I got really tired of the "It's Magic" song, since it seemed like they sang it five different times

David J (us) wrote: Avoid the updated version and find an original, the updated versions have deleted scenes.

Kat A (nl) wrote: visually & emotionally beautiful. made me cry a lot so automatically 5/5 :P

JohnPaul K (gb) wrote: Damn, I thought this was "Nightmares in a Damaged Brain" too. Which just happens to be one of the best horror films ever in the entire universe ever and beyond ever. I'm sure this is good too. Especially as Emilio Estevez was in it.