Prensesin uykusu

Prensesin uykusu

Aziz, a librarian who lives a lonely and peaceful life, develops a strong relationship with his new neighbor Seçil and her daughter Gizem. As he is coming out of his shell, Gizem falls into...

Aziz, a librarian who lives a lonely and peaceful life, develops a strong relationship with his new neighbor Seçil and her daughter Gizem. As he is coming out of his shell, Gizem falls into... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric K (gb) wrote: worst then the first one if that is even possible. I enjoyed the special guest cast in this better, however in a little angry they killed off Jud H. The ending of this one is even more corny then the first one as well. You just watch these for hoe terrible they are.

Jordan C (de) wrote: Amazing directorial movie debut.

I dont know w (gb) wrote: Does anyone really cares about how this ends? Or begins?

Adam K (de) wrote: Ruthless and hilarious. Tosh is a comedian without fear who points out the ridicules of society. The fact remains, a lot of what he says is relatively true. For one to fully enjoy this stand-up, they must be willing to understand the concept of a joke, and not be afraid to laugh at something is heartless for the sake of humor. Trough every joke and every punchline, this is a fearless stand-up that allows the viewer to laugh out loud at taboo subjects and societal stereotypes for a good hour all in the understanding that jokes are simply jokes.

Randa H (gb) wrote: Really, really funny movie.

Matt G (ag) wrote: This film is full of WTF, it did keep my attention for the whole 140 minutes though, but this outing by Richard Kelly is too difficult to decipher, it's like Donnie Darko, except it has about six plotlines. No thanks, you should be saying.

Dillon L (es) wrote: great start to an amazing trilogy

Markye H (ca) wrote: not as bad as everyone thought. you even get to see Hrithik in a dress

Timothy M (br) wrote: Good song, but still have no interest in the movie.

Gavin M (br) wrote: A phenomenal achievement by Oliver Stone. Definitely one of the best films of all time. Tom Cruise gives the performance of his career in this some what distant sequel to Oliver Stone's first Vietnam masterpiece "Platoon." Great cameos by Willem DaFoe and Tom Berenger, especially DaFoe who should have got a best supporting actor nomination for his work even if he is only in the middle of the movie for about 15 minutes total, he's that damn good. But the real star of the film for me is John William's powerful score. It's the kind of score that stays with you forever after watching this movie as it really is the soul and true force of what makes the movie work so well.

Joseph B (jp) wrote: Why is it here? I'd really like to know.

Wendy C (au) wrote: This is a cute movie to me. See the background in 1974. ha! it's even earlier than my age. The corruption lead the whole plot. Even these two cops try their best! How ironic!!

Jens T (it) wrote: An enjoyable heist film, with a good cast, such as the sensual Melina Mercouri, the charismatic Maximilian Schell and let us not forget the other main-cast member, Peter Ustinov, who won an academy award for best supporting actor, makes a remarkable preformance as the poor middle-aged victim Athur Simpson, who's get caught up into middle of a heist. Simpson ey? Topkapi is a good entertaining saturday-night movie, a colorfull movie, literally and when it comes to the characters. Though it's sometimes slow and to many gadget. Besides, it's a movie that you can be glad you saw, I certainly did.

Knox M (ca) wrote: Alfred Hitchcock's glorious return to England proved a prestigious one, as the 1972 film Frenzy is the best film from the Master of Suspense.

Tuukka P (kr) wrote: HBO's tv-movie about Winston Churchill during WWII. Gleeson gives a nice performance but overall the small tv budget shows. A bit too much has been crammed into a 100 minute running time. A bit dull.

Mark W (jp) wrote: "Who's gonna read me my bedtime stories?"The 1970's has always been a decade of film that I've never withheld my appreciation for. I'd go as far to say that's it's been the best in terms of American cinema. It was the decade where we were introduced to some of the finest screen actors in DeNiro, Nicholson & Pacino. We had films of such high calibre as The Godfather's, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, The Deer Hunter, Dog Day Afternoon. I could go on and on here but I mention this because Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep where another two of these marvellous performers and Kramer vs Kramer one of the films that's so often forgotten about.Career man Ted Kramer (Dustin Hoffman) is so caught up with work that his wife Joanna (Meryl Streep) feels exhausted and unappreciated. She makes the decision to leave him but also decided to leave him with their six-year old son Billy (Justin Henry). Ted has to learn quickly how to be a hands-on father and by the time he gets used to it Joanna reappears claiming custody of Billy.As well as the 70's being a strong decade, much admiration has also went to films in terms of Oscar sweeps. Only three films in the history of the Academy Awards have won all top five awards (Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress & Screenplay). If you consider Kramer Vs Kramer for a moment, most wouldn't normally think that this film came close to that achievement. But it did. The only award that it didn't win was Best Actress but had Meryl Streep been considered in the leading actress category it might well have done. She won Best Supporting Actress instead which makes this film very close to achieving the full sweep. Resisting the temptation to be melodramatic, it's a fairly straightforward family drama. Films of these types tend to fall into courtroom drama's (of which this touches upon) but never falls prey to that sub-genre. The beauty in Kramer vs Kramer is not to rely on high tension or confrontation but on the human aspect of relationships and family life. It emotionally resonates by showing us the everyday; heated discussions, playtimes, bedtime stories and frustrating meal times. It might not sound like much but there's a real heartfelt authenticity in capturing these moments. Director Robert Benton, wisely, knows when to focus on his actors and has a marvellous ability to capture realism. As a result, he's aided with some stunningly delivered performances; both Hoffman and Streep are at the very top of their game and young Justin Henry is no less their equal as their young afflicted son caught in the middle.A beautifully realised dramatic piece that benefits from the whole cast and crew delivering honest work. It fully manages to capture and depict both the beauty and the difficulty of parenting and with a thoughtful intelligence, portrays the motivations and decisions from it's characters without ever passing judgment. Another one of the decade's true highlights.Mark Walker

David S (gb) wrote: Only the Audi S8 gets it 1 star. The plot is paper thin and terribly acted.