President's Day

President's Day

A group of high school students are hunted by a madman in an Abraham Lincoln disguise.

A high school election turns deadly when a homicidal maniac dressed like Abe Lincoln starts killing off candidates. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


President's Day torrent reviews

Jamie B (fr) wrote: Amazing film, hilarious and exciting, loved it all the way through the film.

Mark L (it) wrote: The most incredible documentary of the journey of a single Marine in his struggle after being wounded just days before his tour is over.

Megan G (br) wrote: this wuz pretty good

Juuso L (us) wrote: Little by little i'm starting to value Meng Hua Ho's work more and more. Very well made rape & revenge story.

Rick Q (ca) wrote: aside from shirley mclain's charm, and a few funny bits, "guarding tess" doesn't have much to write home about.

Michael W (br) wrote: Refers to Thunder Bay and BTO. Worth it for that alone.

Kris V (br) wrote: Brilliant yet underrated slice of 70s culture - and counterculture- in this Milos Forman movie. Loved the music and the characters, and the plot, while never going very deep, kept me interested. Recommended.

richshane38 (us) wrote: Still stands the test of time.

Jessica H (es) wrote: The director spends too much time trying to film everything, but the story. All this wasted film creates poor pacing and mild confusion.

Nam L (it) wrote: The movie is bright and colorful but does not live up to the original from dr. Seus