Follows the (succesful) presidential campaign of _Sauli Niinistö_ from inside of the campaign office.

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Presidentintekijät torrent reviews

TuiSiong H (au) wrote: ???... At least he didn't talk as much in this flick

Muffin M (br) wrote: Ryan Harrison (Leslie Nielsen) is a man of sophistication and musical artistry who is at the height of his brilliant career when he is vamped into a sizzling affair with wealthy temptress Lauren Goodhue (Kelly LeBrock). Unaware he is the patsy in her murder plot he is turned into a man wrongfully accused, found guilty and sentenced to death. Harrison must escape to prove his innocence. ...Somewhere in the naked city lurks an one-armed, one-legged, one-eyed man responsible for this murder!also stars Richard Crenna, Melinda McGraw, Michael York, Sandra Bernhard, Aaron Pearl, Leslie Jones and Ben Ratner.directed by Pat Proft.

Robert B (nl) wrote: Safe is a great film for those who enjoy character studies and have an interest in psychology and/or social issues. The style of film is observational, we focus on the lead and witness her struggle against her environment. Whether the environment is natural, artificial, or social is open to question. The film feels, overall, very much open with nuanced performances. It requires some amount of speculative reading into things on the part of the viewer, though I find that interesting. Safe is a slow, but engaging, film with a powerful ending.

Martin T (jp) wrote: I wondered at first where all this was leading, but gradually it crept under my skin. Thanks to the performances I just got involved with the characters. By the time everyone goes home, nothing special has "happened". But it's so real and alive that it doesn't matter. And then there's the final monologues. Both are utterly exquisite, beautifully written and perfectly spoken, opening avenues of thought and emotion about life and death. A marvelously subtle and understated film.

Andrew I (it) wrote: Although this has a cheapo made-for-tv feel look about it, apart from some quite terrible 1970s music, Operation Daybreak is actually pretty good. The true story is worth telling, filmed competently well in the actual location, with some quite exciting action sequences. The version I saw had Czech subtitles which didn't exactly help, and it may not be a barrel of laughs, but even so, I quite enjoyed it. 7/10

Ben B (nl) wrote: Cinderella Man stars Russell Crowe as Jim Braddock, a boxer on-the-rise until a broken hand and the Great Depression turn his world upside-down. Forced to work the docks to provide for his family, Braddock gets a second chance when his former trainer/promoter (played by Paul Giamatti in an Academy Award nominated performance) offers him a spot as a replacement fighter. This movie is based off of a true story, and, for the most part, the facts hold up. Whenever I watch a movie based on reality, I like to look into the real story to see what was exaggerated for the sake of film. Apparently, the biggest exaggeration in this movie was the portrayal of the "villain" boxer Max Baer, who in real-life was considered a gentleman instead of the crazy cliche we got on screen. My absolute favorite part of this movie was the film score. Thomas Newman, the mastermind behind the music for the Shawshank Redemption, understands emotions and creates music that matches the tone of this film perfectly. The performances from Crowe and Giamatti were also great. However, this felt like a big soap-opera. When things went south, not a scene went by when we didn't get a lingering shot of one or more characters having a case of the sads with somber music in the background. It was really overkill in my opinion. Ron Howard has directed his fair-share of emotional movies, but he really went overboard on the emotional turmoil, which is hard considering what a tough time it really was. I understand that this is a great story of a true Cinderella Man representing overcoming tough obstacles during a low point in American history, but with movies like Rocky, Million Dollar Baby, and even Ali, Cinderella Man falls short as a sports film great. The 2-hour-plus runtime drags along, forcing you to endure the melodrama longer than you'd like. Is it a bad movie? No. Forgettable? Absolutely.

Rasheed T (ru) wrote: It's not exactly type of comedy but it still serves up enough laughs to keep me interested.

Ben C (ca) wrote: Unique and neat little thriller, good chemistry between Perkins and Weld.

Al M (mx) wrote: The omnibus, portmanteau, or anthology film (whatever term you prefer) has become a rare commodity in modern horror. Once a staple horror film format in the 60s, 70s, and early 80s, the genre has all but died out. Along with the British film Little Deaths, The Theatre Bizarre seems to be attempting a resurrection of the genre in truly gruesome ways. While not as twisted as Little Deaths, The Theatre Bizarre still offers plenty of bizarre stories and brutal plotlines. Strung together with a series of macabre tableaux with the iconic Udo Kier as the ringmaster/MC, the film will keep you surprised from one story to the next as it brings the omnibus film fully into the current horror era.

Mitchell M (nl) wrote: I went to this with zero expectations, I couldn't get into something else and a friend talked me into seeing this, I think just because he liked Superbad. I thought I could just sit through it, and was pleasantly surprised.The film features the actors playing exaggerated versions of themselves, and it works. There are lots of references to the hits and misses of their careers, so if you are an RT user you may be at an advantage. It has a lot of funny cameos and is consistently energetic and entertaining. I had seen Superbad and Pineapple Express, and I feel this is on the same level.

Ana V (au) wrote: La ms flojita que he visto de Allen.